Fitness Jobs

Do you love to work out?  Do you like to watch your health, stay fit, go to the gym and read up on fitness trends?  If you do, applying for a fitness job may be ideal for you.  Fitness is one the most fun service industry jobs. In the fitness industry you will be in an environment that you love, which allows you to expand your knowledge in a field that really interests you.  You can work out on the job.  Those who get a fitness job not only use the gym for free, but help others improve their overall fitness / training routines and have a great time while doing so.

Those who work in the gym do a variety of functions.  There are fitness sales people who sell gym memberships and explain the gym rules to new members.  A receptionist is needed to work at the front desk, answer the telephone and give tours of the gym as needed.  There may be a security guard or two in the parking lot or elsewhere.  Many fitness centers provide a wet bar specializing in protein shakes, salads and sandwiches, and someone needs to work there.  Some gyms also have an in-house nutritionist to help clients reorganize their food choices.

A fitness instructor may also be a good job for someone with dance experience.  There are aerobic classes to instruct.  Some are spirited and jazzy, others cater to beginners with a mellower pace. There are also stretching classes, calisthenics and exercises classes for older clients.  There is no end to the possibilities.

In addition to fitness professionals, there is a need for someone to keep the shiny equipment cleaned, oiled, and polished.  Most gyms have an excellent cleaning crew that may work day in and out when the gym is opened and after hours as well.  If the fitness center has a pool or a Jacuzzi, there will be a need for maintenance and disinfection from time to time. A cleaning service may care for the center’s towels and/or robes.

Fitness experts for the men or women’s section help individual members customize their work-out objectives to maximize results, be it muscle building or weight loss.  For example, clients may be looking to get a six-pack muscle grouping in their stomach, or strengthen their arms.  They may wish to get bigger biceps or shoulders.  Some go to the gym to burn calories and slim down.  They may need a counselor who can advise them on how to lose ten pounds in two months, for example.

Those who want to develop a personal fitness routine for their personal needs may need a personal trainer.  This is another great job opportunity.  Some well to do clients don’t have the time or focus to exercise alone, so a personal trainer gives them the discipline necessary to fit in time for a stress-relieving and strength building workout routine.  If you have the patience to work with clients, soothing their concerns and inspiring them to pursue self-discipline to reach their goals, this would be a good career for you.  An online fitness application can be your ticket to a world of fitness, health and beauty.

If you want to learn more about how to get a fitness job read 7 Secrets To Getting Hired.

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