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Bally Total Fitness Application – Apply Online At Bally Total Fitness Today

Bally Total Fitness Job Application Online

Bally Total Fitness is one of America’s largest, most successful commercial fitness centre companies, with more than 300 locations across the country, in 29 states, with more than 3 million members enjoying Bally’s fitness services.

Bally’s is always looking for motivated, enthusiastic people to join their fitness team, and now you can complete a Bally Total Fitness online application and apply for a job at one of America’s favourite fitness companies. To complete a Bally Total Fitness online application for employment, you should access the Bally Jobs website and search for job openings.

Bally Total Fitness Jobs Available

Bally Total Fitness has a range of jobs available in a variety of categories, including sales, training, healthcare and management. All of these categories of jobs can be applied for with the Bally Total Fitness job application form, available online.

Job positions available include:

Retail Sales Associate, Receptionist, Fitness Coach, Personal Trainer, Fitness Sales Associate, Pilates Reformer Trainer, Certified Personal Trainer, Assistant Club Manager, HVAC Mechanic, Multi-Unit Manager, General Club Manager, Maintenance Mechanic, Bilingual English/Spanish Personal Trainer, Member Service Representative, Bilingual Fitness Sales Associate, Customer Service Representative, Data Warehouse Tester, Data Warehouse Architect, Fitness Manager, Group Exercise Instructor, Bilingual Fitness Manager, Sales Manager, Lifeguard, Juice Bar Retail Manager.

 If you can see yourself working in any of these job positions, then you should apply online today by completing the Bally Total Fitness application form online.

Minimum Employment Age At Bally Total Fitness:

You must be at least 18 years old to be considered for employment at Bally Total Fitness.

Bally Total Fitness Store Hours

Mon – Thurs: 5.30am – 11pm

Fri:       5.30am – 10pm

Sat and Sun:    8am – 8pm

Important Tips To Apply Online With Bally Total Fitness

The Bally Total Fitness job application process has been designed in order to make it as easy as possible for prospective employees to apply for their dream job in the health and fitness industry. To get started on the process, you should access the Bally Jobs website, where you are able to see a list of available job titles arranged in categories of interest, so you can quickly and easily find the job that is best suited to you.

Bally Total Fitness also offers numerous career fairs and open interview events, details of which are also on the job site, so you can find out more about available job positions and the benefits of working with Bally Total Fitness.

You are also able to choose whether you would like to find a full time, part time or contract position, meaning that it’s easy to find a job that fits in with your lifestyle.

In addition, Bally Total Fitness offers career options for qualified associates with special interests, such as martial arts, healthcare, sports medicine and massage therapy.

So what are you waiting for? Access the Bally Total Fitness application today and you could be on your way to a healthy new career.

Most Common Positions At Bally Total Fitness & Income Information

Following are some of the average salaries for popular positions at Bally Total Fitness:

Personal Trainer:         $36, 000 / year

Sales manager:            $47, 000 / year

General Manager:        $52, 000 / year

Receptionist:   $22, 000 / year

Fitness Coach:             $26, 000 / year

Member Service Representative:        $24, 000 / year

Customer Service Representative:      $22, 000 / year

Bally Total Fitness Benefits

Eligible employees at Bally Total Fitness enjoy a range of great benefits, including medical insurance, dental and vision plans, a 401k plan, paid vacation leave and free health club membership.

So to take advantage of these benefits and start earning the salary you deserve, apply for a job at Bally Total Fitness.

To visit Bally Total Fitness’s website click here.

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