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Crunch Fitness is a fitness centre and gym with more than 30 locations in large cities across the United States, such as New York City, Los Angeles and Washington DC. Crunch is currently operated as a subsidiary of New Evolution Fitness Company from its headquarters in Northern California.

If you are looking for a job or wanting to start a career in the health and fitness industry, then Crunch could be the place for you – why not apply online using the Crunch Fitness online application for employment? With the Crunch Fitness job application form available on the employment section of their website, it is quick and easy to apply for what could be your perfect job.

Crunch Fitness Jobs Available

Crunch Fitness offers a wide variety of job titles, ranging from entry-level jobs with no previous experience required, to more qualified positions. Jobs available are:

Crunch Representative, Personal Trainer, Housekeeper, Member Services Validation Specialist, Membership Advisor, Membership Service Representative, Group Fitness Instructor, Pilates Reformer Instructor, Staff Accountant, Pilates Instructor.

If you would like to work in any of these job positions, you can apply for them using the Crunch Fitness online application available at the Crunch website.

Minimum Employment Age At Crunch:

You must be at least 18 years old to work at Crunch Fitness.

Crunch Store Hours

Mon – Thurs: 5.30am – 10pm

Fri:       5.30am – 9pm

Sat and Sun:    7am – 8pm

Important Tips To Apply Online With Crunch

The Crunch Fitness application form is available online in order to help prospective employees to quickly and easily apply for a job at the fitness centre. To start on your Crunch Fitness job application journey, access the Crunch employment section on their website by following the link found in this article. Once on the website, you will be able to view current job openings and complete a Crunch Fitness application in order to apply for the position online.

If there are no specific positions that interest you, but you would like to be considered for a general job, then you can submit your resume online as well.

If you have any friends, family members or others that you feel would like to join the Crunch team, you are also able to refer them to the Crunch human resources department for consideration.

Most Common Positions At Crunch & Income Information

Following are the average yearly salaries for some of the most common positions applied for at Crunch Fitness:

Personal Trainer:         $34, 000 / year

Juice Bar Manager:     $33, 000 / year

General Manager:        $58, 000 / year

Membership Representative:   $29, 000 / year

Sales Manager:            $46, 000 / year

Front Desk Receptionist:        $24, 000 / year

Maintenance Engineer:           $28, 000 / year

Crunch Benefits

  Crunch Fitness believes in not just keeping its members fit and trim, but also in the health of its employees. That’s why every employee at Crunch Fitness receives a free membership to the fitness club. Eligible associates may also receive additional benefits such as medical cover, dental and vision plans, paid vacation leave, on the job training and opportunities for career advancement.

To visit Crunch’s website click here.

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