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Curves Job Application Online

Curves is a world leader in the women’s only fitness industry, having over 4 million registered members and close to 10 000 locations in 85 countries around the world. Curves aims to help women to achieve their fitness goals through the a thirty minute training schedule together with an effective dieting program.

If you are at least 20 years old, and would like to join the team of this world class fitness facility, you are now able to apply for a job online by completing a Curves job application form on their careers website. The Curves online application for employment could be all that you need to get started in on an exciting, healthy new career path, so check out their careers website as soon as you get a moment, and see whether you can turn your life around.

Curves Jobs Available

Curves offers a range of job opportunities to prospective job seekers. Positions at Curves that can be applied for using the Curves online application include:

Curves Coach, Front Desk Coordinator, Trainee Manager, Fitness Club Manager, Circuit Coach, Fitness Trainer, Fitness Technician, Assistant Manager, Store Owner.

If any of these job positions are appealing to you, and you would like to apply, access the Curves website today and complete a Curves job application – who knows, you could be about to start the job of your dreams!

Curves is a franchise business, which means that you may even have the opportunity to own your very own Curves fitness centre. With the worldwide success of Curves, and the constant need for a caring, comprehensive health and fitness facility for women, this is sure to be a very profitable and rewarding business decision.

Minimum Employment Age At Curves:

You must legally be over 18 years old to work at Curves, employees over 20 years old are preferred.

Curves Store Hours

As each Curves branch is independently owned and operated, store hours may vary according to location. However, typically opening hours are:

Mon – Fri:       6am – 1pm and 3pm – 7.30pm

Sat:      8am – 12pm

Sun:     Closed

Important Tips To Apply Online With Curves

As each Curves branch is owned and operated independently, job positions available will vary greatly according to location, as will the Curves application procedure for each location. You should therefore contact your local Curves location for information on job positions, and to download a Curves application form that is relevant for the particular location you are interested in.

To find the contact details of a Curves location closest to you, please visit the Curves employment website and use the Curves locator provided.

Most Common Positions At Curves & Income Information

Following are some of the most common positions available at Curves, as well as the average yearly salaries for each position:

Fitness Club Manager:            $39, 000 / year

Fitness Technician:      $24, 000 / year

Assistant Manager:     $29, 000 / year

Club Owner:   $54, 000 / year

Circuit Coach:             $19, 000 / year

Circuit Trainer:            $27, 000 / year

 Curves Benefits

Curves offers its employees a plethora of benefits that make Curves a great place to work. Apart from the friendly, team-orientated atmosphere at Curves, employees also have access to competitive pay, paid on the job training, 401k retirement savings plans and health insurance.

To visit  Curves’s website click here.

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