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Equinox Job Application Online

Equinox is a chain of luxury, trendy health and fitness centers with locations across the United States. As well as featuring top of the line fitness equipment, highly qualified personal trainers and a luxurious environment, Equinox also has top range sports apparel retail stores in many of its fitness clubs.

If you would like a high class career  in the fitness industry, then Equinox could have the job that you are looking for, and you can now apply for a job online using the Equinox job application form which is available for download from the Equinox job application website.

Equinox Jobs Available

Equinox jobs that can be applied for using the Equinox online application for employment range from entry level positions for those with little previous work experience or who would just like to start out in a new career in fitness, all the way to high responsibility corporate and management positions.

Job positions available are:

Membership Advisor, Sales Associate, Personal Trainer, Area Manager, Personal Training Manager, Assistant General Fitness Club Manager, General Fitness Club Manager, Group Fitness Manager, Group Fitness Instructor, Spa Manager, Shop Manager, Spa Desk Associate, Spa Therapist, Maintenance Manager, Esthetician, Spa Coordinator, Maintenance Technician

If any of these jobs sound like they could be what you are looking for, then be sure to apply using the Equinox online application soon, as jobs at this prestigious company are snapped up fast!

Minimum Employment Age At Equinox:

You must be at least 18 years old to work at Equinox.

Equinox Store Hours

Mon – Thurs: 5am – 10pm

Fri:       5am – 9pm

Sat and Sun:    7am – 8pm

Important Tips To Apply Online With Equinox

Equinox is always looking for energetic, talented and driven individuals from all areas of interest to join their fitness team. If you would like to apply for a job, you can access and complete the Equinox application form at the Equinox careers website.

Before completing the Equinox application process, you should ensure that you are adequately qualified for the job, as applicants that do not have the necessary qualifications for the job positions will not be considered. Certain positions at Equinox do not require any specific qualifications or previous work experience, however if for example you would like to be a personal trainer, you must have a recognized qualification. Equinox offers an intensive personal trainer training course for individuals wishing to work at the fitness club as a personal trainer, through the Equinox Academy. This is a 7 week course, conducted only on the weekends, and taught by top class physical experts, meaning that in a total of just 14 short days you could be a qualified personal trainer.

Also be aware that if you would like to apply to be a group fitness, Pilates or Yoga instructor at Equinox, you must have at least 2 years of previous teaching experience.

Most Common Positions At Equinox & Income Information

Following are the average yearly salaries for some popular positions at Equinox.

Personal Trainer:         $37, 000 / year

General Manager:        $59, 800 / year

Membership Representative:   $28, 900 / year

Sales Manager:            $47, 000 / year

Front Desk Receptionist:        $24, 000 / year

Equinox Benefits

  Equinox is dedicated to providing its employees with the very best employment benefits, so your Equinox application will give you access to not only a well-paid job in a stimulating work environment, but also benefits such as healthcare insurance, a 401k retirement savings plan, paid vacation leave, and staff discounts on all Equinox products and services, including a fitness club membership.

To visit Equinox’s website click here.

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