Funeral Service Jobs

Have you ever thought of working as a counselor for the grieving?  If you are by nature a compassionate, sympathetic soul, why not be paid to be a friend to those in need?  Why not consider applying for a funeral service job?  Funeral service jobs are available across the country in a variety of positions.

A person who works in this profession must be by nature a “people” person who knows how to encourage those who have recently lost a loved one.  No one likes to say goodbye.  Your care and consideration will help them get through the first days of loss in the most positive way possible.  There is a combination of sales (of funereal merchandise), counseling, and administrative duties involved with the care and burial of the deceased.

By tuning in to what the bereaved family is looking for in preparing for the burial of their family member, you will help them relatively easily decide upon a casket and which clothes would be best for the deceased to wear.  Those in the funeral service profession live the motto “the customer is always right”.  They must be more than flexible, for whatever the family wishes is his or her command!  Never mind if it is not traditional or normal.  The way the family sees fit will help them deal with their grief all the better.

There are many possible jobs with many different types of firms.  The most common are Embalmer, General Assistant, Sales professional (selling cemetery plots), Area or Regional Manager, and Funeral Director.

There are small private funeral services firms which have been family owned and operated for years.  Higher up on the list are the medium sized companies which provide a wider range of products at a lower prices due to a larger volume of sales.  Then there are large companies who are nothing short of professionals in this field.  They have many years of experience to draw upon.  Those who work for these large firms can get support and advice from others who have travelled a similar road before your time.

The Funeral Service profession offers competitive hourly pay and high quality benefits.  Funeral directors must be able to lift heavy objects, usually hold somewhat irregular hours, and wear many hats.  They must dress conservatively as a condition of employment, due to the nature of the work.

Funeral directors interview the family about their wishes for the final disposition of their loved one.  They help move the body and although they do not perform the embalming, they may help dress or undress the deceased.  They greet members when it’s time to receive guests for the wake, or to view the deceased.  The funeral director may have to deal with emotional distress, since many family members may have not seen the deceased since he or she passed away.
When it comes to be time for the funeral, the funeral director must arrange the transport of the deceased to the funeral location, be it a church, chapel, funeral chapel, or even a graveside service.  The pallbearers must be instructed and assisted in the physical logistics of moving the casket to the grave site for final burial.

Best of all, the Funeral Service field is hiring every day all over the country.  Search online funeral service jobs are most likely in your town and you can be learning a new profession right away. To learn how to better your chances of landing a funeral services job read 7 Secrets To Getting Hired.


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