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Carriage Services Application – Apply Online At Carriage Services Today

Carriage Services Job Application Online

Carriage Services owns a chain of funeral homes throughout the United States. They are one of the largest companies in the funeral home business, which means that they hire many employees around the country. Their mission is to service their local communities and comfort the grieving while still remaining profitable. If you have a passion for comforting and helping people who are going through difficult times, then you could make a future career for yourself, starting with a Carriage Services job application.

Carriage Services Jobs Available

Fill out a Carriage services online application for employment depending on your training and experience. You may be able to get work as a clerk, administrative assistant or sales representative with little of either. They are also hiring embalmers, which requires special training, and family counselors, for which you will also need a degree. Other potential positions include funeral director and personal consultant, which means that you help families or individuals chose which services fit their needs the best.

Minimum Employment Age At Carriage Services:

You may fill out a Carriage Services job application online if you are 18 or older.

Carriage Services Store Hours

Normal hours are Monday through Friday, 10:00-6:00; weekend appointments available. Depending on your position, you may need to work evenings and weekends, when many funerals  are held.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Carriage Services

Since they do not provide an application you can print out, what you put on your Carriage Services online application will determine whether you get called for an interview. Try to present your best side and all your most relevant experience, being as accurate and thorough as you can.

The interview is especially important, since Carriage Services managers are looking for people who can project a solemn, caring attitude, and treat their customers with sensitivity. Be prepared to answer questions about why you want to work in funeral services, and your experience in dealing with grief-stricken clients. Anyone who submits a Carriage services application to work at a funeral home itself should have suitable formal wear; be sure to dress the part when you interview. It’s important that you get across the fact that you genuinely want to help and comfort, and that you are comfortable with other people becoming emotional around you.

In addition to filling out a Carriage Services application form and doing an interview you will be expected to pass a background check.

Most Common Positions At Carriage Services & Income Information

Full and part time positions are available on many levels, but the exact openings near you will vary. Pay depends on the position and your level of experience; submit your Carriage Services job application form to find out more about the possibilities.

Carriage Services Benefits

Carriage Services provides all standards benefits to their employees, including paid time off, retirement accounts, the full range of insurance, and disability. Being a publically traded company, they have an employee stock purchase program. They offer advancement opportunities to anyone who works hard and is committed to the industry, with paid training along the way. Because they are a national chain, chances to advance don’t just stop with your local funeral home, but include opportunities in corporate offices as well.

To visit Carriage Services’s website click here.

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