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Eternal Ascent Society Application – Apply Online At Eternal Ascent Society Today

Eternal Ascent Society Job Application Online

The Eternal Ascent Society is a franchise company offering a unique service. As more and more people opt for cremation over burial, their families are looking for meaningful ways to deal with the ashes. The Eternal Ascent Society places those ashes in a biodegradable balloon which the family gets to release. It rises slowly to a height of approximately six miles before it bursts, releasing the ashes to the wind. An Eternal Ascent online application for employment gives you the chance to join this growing business, with the potential to purchase and own your own franchise one day.

Eternal Ascent Society Jobs Available

Currently, the Eternal Ascent Society has franchises in four states, and they are selling more all the time. They are constantly seeking to hire entry-level positions working reception, maintenance and support, in addition to morticians, sales associates and funeral directors. Any compassionate, committed person is welcome to fill out an Eternal Ascent Society job application form.

Minimum Employment Age At Eternal Ascent Society:

The absolute minimum employment age is 18, but people over the age of 21 are preferred for most positions.

Eternal Ascent Society Store Hours

9:00-5:00 Mondays through Fridays, with Saturday and Sunday appointments.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Eternal Ascent Society

Fill out your Eternal Ascent Society job application online. They don’t provide a printable application, so the best thing is thing is to provide your most complete information in the online application. In order to be hired you should expect to go through more than one round of interviews, and to take personality and drug tests. You will also have to pass a background screening.

People who want to submit an Eternal Ascent Society job application or to work in any funeral service business should be good at comforting people who are grieving, and handling their needs and concerns with tact and sensitivity. You should have a sober, serious manner appropriate for the occasion, and appear professional and discreet. Dress appropriately for your interview, make eye contact, and answer every question truthfully. They also prefer people who have some knowledge of the funeral process, so doing research ahead of time will help you. Take your Eternal Ascent Society application seriously; remember, there are plenty of others searching for jobs too right now. If you want to get the job you will need to impress them.

Most Common Positions At Eternal Ascent Society & Income Information

Most Eternal Ascent Society application forms are for entry-level positions, full and part time. They prefer high school graduates wh

o are 21 or over. You will be informed about the pay for a particular job during the interview process. Remember that starting pay is just that—“starting.” You’ll be able to earn more as you prove your worth as a worker.

Eternal Ascent Society Benefits

For employees who are qualified, the Eternal Ascent Society provides a full insurance package as well as disability and a 401k. You can expect to be offered paid training and advancement opportunities within the company, if you prove your dedication and interest in the work. Because the Eternal Ascent Society is a rapidly expanding business, new opportunities will open up all the time for those who are motivated. Submit an Eternal Ascent Society online application for consideration in this interesting, meaningful business.

To visit Eternal Ascent Society’s website click here.

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