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Stewart Enterprises Inc. Job Application Online

Founded in 1910 in New Orleans, Stewart Enterprises Inc., is a leading provider of funeral related services. At Stewart Enterprises, the staff and the management understand that death can be an emotional and trying time for the family of the deceased. Hence, their aim is to make the transition as easy as possible for those left behind. The company employs more than 5000 people and is known for its reliable service. They are currently looking for caring, honest and compassionate people to join their team. If you like helping people and would like to start an emotionally satisfying and rewarding career, you should consider applying to Stewart Enterprises.

Stewart EnterprisesInc. Jobs Available

Application for a job can be submitted for one of the following positions, Customer Service Representative, Site Manager,Mortician and Funeral Director. Both full time and part time positions are available.

Minimum Employment Age At Stewart Enterprises Inc.:

Candidates are only eligible for employment at Stewart Enterprises Inc., if they are 18 years of age or older.

Stewart Enterprises Inc. Store Hours

Stewart Enterprises Inc. operates both, funeral parlors and cemeteries, and hence requires a large number of employees to be able to maintain its high level of customer service. Their working hours are from 9am to 5pm on weekdays and weekend service is only available based on an appointment.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Stewart Enterprises Inc.

  • The application process to apply for a job with Stewart Enterprises Inc. has been made simple with the introduction of a career section on their website. To find out about the job openings that are available, interested applicants simply have to click the careers tab on the top right hand corner of the company’s home page. Once in the Careers section, applicants will be asked to select the field that they want to pursue and that will generate a list of jobs available.
  • After selecting a job that the applicant wants to apply for, he just needs to press the “Apply” button. This will lead the applicant to a page where personal information needs to be added and a resume must be uploaded.

Most Common Positions At Stewart Enterprises Inc. & Income Information

Although the company hires for a range of jobs, the most common jobs available are administrative and those requiring physical labor. Entry-level staff may be required to arrange the flowers as well as dig the graves. Depending on the position applied for, the wage can be hourly or monthly.

Stewart Enterprises Inc. Benefits

Apart from offering its employees considerably high pay packages, Stewart Enterprises Inc. promotes a caring environment for its employees. Safety and an excellent customer service are their major concerns and hence, they provide their employees with training. Furthermore, life insurance, dental and medical coverage and retirement planning may also be provided to eligible candidates. Maternity leaves and paid vacations may also be available.

If you are looking for a job that helps you make a difference, while providing you with a stable income, then Stewart Enterprises Inc. is for you.

To visit Stewart Enterprises Inc.’s website click here.

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