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ARCO Job Application Online

ARCO does not provide a printable job application form, so use the ARCO online job application form for employment. Don’t miss a great opportunity, fill out your ARCO job application form today12

ARCO Jobs Available 

ARCO jobs include – Cashier, Customer Service Representative, Maintenance Worker, Team Manager, Assistant Manager, Store Manager, Transport Driver.

Minimum Employment Age At ARCO:

You must be at least 18 years old to work at ARCO

ARCO Store Hours

ARCO’s hours vary by location.

Important Tips To Apply Online With ARCO

The organization currently known as ARCO was created when the East-coast based Atlantic Refining and the California-based Richfield Oil Corporation merged in 1966, but the company’s lineage goes back much farther than that.

The Atlantic Petroleum Storage Company dates back to 1866, became part of the infamous Standard Oil trust in 1874, and again became independent in 1911 when Standard Oil was broken up. Richfield Oil Company’s first gas station opened in 1917 in Los Angeles; both companies enjoyed (and continue to enjoy) worldwide success as part of the massive UK-based BP corporation.

Whether you’re an experienced industry veteran or a new employee looking to get in at the ground floor, ARCO’s track record of longevity and excellence makes it a fantastic choice for nearly any employee. If you’re looking for a job that isn’t going anywhere and has excellent opportunities for growth both in the United States and internationally, submit your ARCO online application today. You have nothing to lose but a job you can grow into, so apply online with ARCO today!

Most Common Positions At ARCO & Income Information

The most common positions at ARCO include Cashier, Maintenance Worker, and Team Manager.

Cashiers have a fairly easy job of things- they’re the ones running the cash register and dealing with customers. It’s not a half bad job if you don’t mind meeting new people from across the globe and helping them get where they’re going, or if you’ve got an unusual schedule requirement. Gas stations always need more cashiers, especially ones that can work the unusual hours that are harder to fill.

Maintenance workers, like the name sounds, perform both routine maintenance and emergency work on the wide range of mechanical systems that a gas station naturally needs to employ to acheive its goals. Maintenance workers should be mechanically apt, good with their hands, and able to work at a variety of unusual and potentially difficult situations with a minimum of re-work and error.

Team managers are the entry-level supervisory position, and deal with other employees on a very low level. They’re the ones who ensure that company policy is always being adhered to, that training is up to date, and that customer complaints are handled fairly and quickly.

Most entry-level positions at ARCO are paid at or near minimum wage, with a strong opportunity for advancement and pay raises. Supervisory positions are typically offered a salary in lieu of hourly wages.

ARCO Benefits

Workers at ARCO experience a fantastic range of benefits, including health care, paid training, flexible schedules, industry-standard pay scales, and even healtcare options.

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