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BP’s job application process is an entirely website-based process. Fill out your BP online application today and be sure to get the job that’s right for you.

BP Jobs Available 

BP jobs include – Counter Clerk, Customer Service Support, Maintenance Technician, Financial Analyst, Real Estate Coordinator, Administrative Assistant, Project Team Manager, Facilities Maintenance Planner, Transport Driver, Information and Records Coordinator, Site Scheduler, Wellsite Leader, Inspection Specialist

Minimum Employment Age At BP:

You must be at least 18 years old to work at BP

BP Store Hours

BP is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Important Tips To Apply Online With BP

Headquartered in London, England, BP operates a truly massive oil and gas business with over 80 countries served. BP produces nearly 4 billion barrels of oil daily, distributed to over 22,000 filling stations across the world.

British Petroleum was started in 1901 by an Australian-British entrepreneur named William Knox D’Arcy who managed to win the rights from Persia (now Iran) to explore for oil in the country’s southwest. After seven straight years of failure, the man and his expedition were disheartened and almost ready to go home when the surveyors finally struck the mother lode on top of a sulfurous patch supposedly discovered by the armies of Alexander the Great. From then on, as they say, it’s all history. Between massive roles in both World Wars, expansion efforts in the North Sea, and purchasing smaller companies like Amoco and ARCO, BP has made a name for itself as the largest and most prolific gas and oil company in the world.

If you’re an experienced gas station worker, BP’s got a position for you either in the United States or globally in one of its many thousands of filling stations, so fill out your BP application online before the opportunity vanishes. If you’re brand new, that’s ok too! BP’s giant size means that it’s always expanding, and always looking for new employees to fill its ranks.

Most Common Positions At BP & Income Information

The most common entry-level positions at BP are counter clerk and customer service support.

Counter clerks are what most people think of when they think of a job at a gas stations. Standing behind a counter, these steadfast employees tirelessly work cash registers at all hours, in all weather, in nearly any condition. BP gas stations are always open, and that means that it needs to have at least one person there at all times. That person could be you!

Customer service support is a very different job from the counter clerk. Instead of working at a gas station, customer service support personnel work in one of the BP call centers around the world, working to ensure that BP never loses sight of the all-important customer. As BP owns or operates numerous brands, customer service support personnel must be familiar with at least the general overview of each of the brands, and must be able and willing to help both individuals and small businesses with the issues that arise, or at least know who to ask.

Entry-level employees at BP, such as counter clerks, typically start at minimum wage.

BP Benefits

BP employees qualify for a range of benefits, possibly including paid job training, vacation time, retirement assistance, or healthcare coverage. If BP sounds like the kind of job you can really grow into, submit your BP application form online today! You have nothing to lose but a great opportunity.

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