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Casey’s General Store Application – Apply Online At Casey’s General Store Today

Casey’s General Store Job Application Online

Turn your Casey’s General Store job application by downloading and filling out the application here.

Casey’s General Store Jobs Available 

Casey’s General Store jobs include – Team Member, Cashier, Inventory Clerk, Gasoline Transport Driver, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager, District Manager, Area Supervisor, Distribution Center Worker, Corporate Office Administrative Assistant

Minimum Employment Age At Casey’s General Store:

You must be at least 18 years old to work at Casey’s General Store

Casey’s General Store Store Hours

Casey’s General Store’s hours vary by location, but are generally open 7 days a week

Important Tips To Apply Online With Casey’s General Store

In 1959 Donalt Lamberti leased a gas station from Iowa and remodeled it into a convenience store. On advice from his friend, he purchased a service station in Boone, Iowa. By the 1970s, Casey’s represented over 118 stores. In 1983 the company became publicly traded, and in 1996 the store opened its 1000th store.

Applying to Casey’s is no big deal, thanks to the downloadable and printable application. Fill it out completely, and make sure to write legibly and read all of the fine print. It’s fairly standard stuff, but it’s important to make sure you understand what’s being asked of you.

Most Common Positions At Casey’s General Store & Income Information

The most common entry-level positions at Casey’s General Store are Team Member and Cashier, with the most common managerial position being Assistant Store Manager.

Cashiers work the same kind of jobs as cashiers the world over- you work the cash registers, handle money, and help people out with whatever they need in the store. If you’ve never worked a cash register before, don’t worry! Every cashier receives on the job training to make sure that they know exactly what they’re doing, so even fresh employees who’ve never worked any kind of sales position will know what to do shortly.

Team members have a very similar job to cashiers, and sometimes even act as cashiers when the store is busy. Unlike cashiers, team members very commonly perform other duties around the store like stocking and cleaning. Team members have a very flexible set of responsibilities, and frequently act like assistants to whatever more specialized tasks are required by the store management. Team member is the essential entry-level job and many employees will start their Casey’s career here.

Assistant store managers work closely with store managers and district managers in the day-to-day operations of the store. Customer service, scheduling, training, and restocking will take up most of their time. Assistant store managers may also be called upon to act as a cashier or team member when understaffed or busy, so assistant store managers must absolutely know how to work at any position, at any time.

Most entry-level workers at Casey’s General Store make just over minimum wage. Managers and other corporate positions are generally offered a yearly salary instead of hourly wages.

Casey’s General Store Benefits

Eligible employees may be offered a benefits package including paid vacation, employee stock purchasing, sick days, medical, dental, and life insurance, and retirement assistance. To discover what benfits Casey’s will offer you, print out and turn in your Casey’s General Store application today!

To visit Casey’s General Store’s website click here.

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