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Extra Mile Application – Apply Online At Extra Mile Today

Extra Mile Job Application Online

Extra Mile doesn’t provide a printable job application form, so fill out the Extra Mile online job application form for employment. The Extra Mile application is found on the company’s career page.

Extra Mile Jobs Available 

Extra Mile jobs include – Cashier, Gas Station Clerk, Maintenance Worker, Assistant Manager, Store Manager

Minimum Employment Age At Extra Mile:

You must be at least 18 years old to work at Extra Mile

Extra Mile Store Hours

Extra Mile is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Extra Mile

An American chain of convenience stores owned by Chevron, Extra Mile convenience stores are typically found next to Chevron filling stations throughout the Western U.S. Offering food, drinks, and snacks both brand name and off-brand, Extra Mile is a fixture in some parts of America.

Being owned and operated by the Chevron corporation, Extra Mile is doing very well for itself under the Chevron umbrella. Chevron is one of the largest energy companies in the world and regularly makes over $270 billion in annual revenue. With over 60,000 employees worldwide, Chevron is constantly growing and expanding its business wherever it can.

With this kind of growth and the strength of the Chevron corporation behind it, it’s no wonder that Extra Mile locations across the country are hiring. Other companies talk about growth potential, but Extra Mile’s already proven itself to be a contender in today’s market and going on into the future its prospects are bright. Submit your Extra Mile online application today and go the distance with your next career.

Most Common Positions At Extra Mile & Income Information

The most common entry level position is the cashier or clerk position, and the most common supervisory position is assistant manager.

Cashiers and clerks work inside the store, providing customer service, organizing merchandise, stocking shelves, greeting customers, and cleaning the store whenever necessary. It’s their job to make sure that when a customer steps inside the door that their every need is taken care of, and that means working diligently to make sure that the store is clean and neat. Cashiers and clerks are the first thing a customer interacts with in the store, and it’s essential to make the first impression a great impression.

Assistant managers are both hired from inside the company and from without, and have a responsibility both to Extra Mil and to the associates they supervise to provide high quality leadership. They are responsible for hiring new workers, creating schedules, and administratively handling the store itself. They work underneath a store manager, providing extra support to customers and employees alike, and working to ensure that their Extra Mile location is the best it can be.

Most entry-level employees at Extra Mile make at or just over minimum wage as compensation. Full-time employees or corporate workers naturally may be offered a yearly salary in lieu of an hourly wage.

Extra Mile Benefits

Eligible employees may be offered health and dental care, paid time off, vacation days, a 401(k) retirement plan, and more. Turn in your Extra Mile job application today and become a part of a growing company!

To visit Extra Mile’s website click here.

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