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Marathon Application – Apply Online At Marathon Today

Marathon Job Application Online

You can complete a Marathon online application by visiting their website.  You can also stop by a location and request a Marathon application form to fill out.

Marathon Jobs Available

You can complete a Marathon job application form for any of the following positions as there are openings: Gas Station Attendant, Refining Inspector, Maintenance Technician, Land Professional, Gas Station Manager, Geophysicist, Reservoir Engineer, Assistant Manager, Payroll Analyst, Facilities Engineer, Administrative Assistant, Field Operator, Lease Associate, Human Resources Consultant, Auditor, Process Control Engineer, Clinician, Accounting Processor, Benefits Analyst, Production Technician, Measurement Reader, Geologist, Paralegal, Inland Fleeting Inspector, and Tax Analyst.

Minimum Employment Age At Marathon:

You must be at least eighteen years old to work at Marathon.

Marathon Store Hours

Marathon is open 24 hours a day for 7 days a week.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Marathon

The first time you visit the website to complete a Marathon online application for employment, you will need to create an online profile.  You will have to think of a user id and password and then you can save your profile for future positions.  This prevents you from having to fill out a Marathon job application for each position.

You will provide your contact information.  You will also have to copy your college transcript; it will be an unofficial copy.  If you do not have one, you can contact your college and ask for one.

You will also either upload or copy and paste your resume to the Marathon application.  If you are still attending college, you can still apply for future employment.  You will need to provide information about where you are attending.

If you do not have a resume, you will want to create one before beginning the application process.  If you have already created a resume, you will want to review it to make sure it has your latest information.  Check the education and work history sections.  Also make sure your references are listed with current contact information.  It is common practice to provide email addresses for anyone you have listed, which makes it easier for the recruiter to contact those people.

Review your resume for any errors; it should be free of any mistakes before you submit your application.  Check your contact information, especially the email address to make sure you did not misspell it.

Most Common Positions At Marathon & Income Information

You will find openings most often for attendants and technician jobs.  Some of these will not require special training or experience.  Other positions may require a degree or specialized training and previous experience.  Marathon pays a competitive wage to all of its employees based on location and experience.

Marathon Benefits

Employees of Marathon receive a comprehensive health care package, which includes wellness benefits.  The company has an employee assistance program and tuition reimbursement.

Employees can contribute to the company’s 401k plan, which the company will match up to seven percent.  They can get disability pay and qualified employees receive paid sick time, vacation, and paid holidays.

To visit Marathon’s website click here.

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