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Murphy USA Application – Apply Online At Murphy USA Today

Murphy USA Job Application Online

You can apply for a job with a Murphy USA online application for employment by visiting their site and signing up as a user.  You can also stop by a location near you and pick up a Murphy USA application form.

Murphy USA Jobs Available

You can fill out a Murphy USA job application form for any of the following positions: Cashier, Assistant Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Gas Station Attendant, Accounting Assistant, Retail Convenience Store Manager, and Accountant.

Minimum Employment Age At Murphy USA:

You have to be at least eighteen years old to work at Murphy USA.

Murphy USA Store Hours

Murphy USA is open Monday through Wednesday 6:00-12:00am; Thursday through Saturday 6:00am-1:00am; and Sunday 7:00am-11:30pm.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Murphy USA

You will need to create a profile when you fill out the Murphy USA online application for the first time.  This will allow you to log in at any point in the future and update or change your information.  It also makes it easier to apply for other positions as they become available.

You will need to provide your name, social security number, and email address to create a profile.  You will also come up with a password and secret question if you should forget that password.

Once you have created a profile, you can fill out the Murphy USA job application.  You will want to have contact information for employment history and education available to complete the Murphy USA application faster.

When you are asked to list your duties at previous employment, choose tasks that are relevant to the position you are applying for.  If none were directly applicable, list the most important duties you did.  Limit them to only three or four.

If this is your first job, list any summer work you have done or volunteer experience.  List any college associations or clubs you were part of to show that you have had responsibility in the past.

When you list your references, choose people who know your work history and skills.  This may be former coworkers or supervisors; it could also be former teachers if this is your first job.  Avoid listing friends unless they have worked with you.  Most applications do not allow you to list family members as your references.  Always check with the people to get their permission before including them on the application.

Most Common Positions At Murphy USA & Income Information

Due to the large number of Murphy USA stations in operation, you will always find job openings for cashiers and attendants.  Other positions may be available at various locations.  Murphy USA pays a competitive salary for all positions based on location and level of experience.

Murphy USA Benefits

Benefits for employees of Murphy USA will vary according to position.  All employees enjoy a flexible work schedule and paid training.  Eligible employees will be able to contribute to the company’s 401k plan.  They will also get healthcare insurance and paid time off and opportunities for advancement.

To visit Murphy USA’s website click here.

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