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When you need gas, don’t just go to any gas station. Go to Speedway. Speedway is a convenience store gas stations spread throughout the US. If you are headed out somewhere and need to stop for gas and grab something to eat or drink, Speedway is the place you should look for. The best thing you won’t have to look very hard. Speedway is all about convenience and being there at the right place is what sets it apart from the competition. It serves over two million customers every day in the US. They know how to serve the needs of the customers on the go. From fresh food, freshly brewed coffee, cold beverages to gasoline; they serve it all. Speedway serves breakfast, lunch and dinner items in coolers and hot carts. You just grab and go.

Offering convenience, a wide selection of products, reasonable prices and outstanding customer service, Speedway no doubt stands apart from the competition attracting millions of loyal customers every day. Not only dedicated to their customers, but also Speedway is completely devoted to their communities. Join their communities by sending a Speedway online application for employment to get a career that means great benefits, bonuses, and unlimited opportunities. If you’d like to work in a culturally diverse work environment, which offers challenging growth opportunities, a career with Speedway is perfect for you.

Speedway Jobs Available

You may submit a Speedway application form for any of the following positions: Customer Service Representative, Cashier, Sales Associate, Shift Leader, Gas Station Attendant, Maintenance Technician, Food Steward, and General Store Manager.

Minimum Employment Age at Speedway

The Speedway job application online is available to applicants of eighteen years of age or older.

Speedway Store Hours

Speedway stations are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Important Tips to Apply Online With Speedway

  • To retrieve the Speedway online application, you have to use the Careers link on the website. The link will direct you to another website where you will be asked to give in the zip code of the area where your speedway store is located. You are also required to select the position you are applying for. It then gives you a form to fill and send online.
  • Before sending your Speedway job application form, make sure you read about their corporate culture so that you know it is the right opportunity for you.

Most Common Positions at Speedway& Income Information

Entry level positions like that of food steward and customer service representative requires no prior work experience and no special qualifications and degrees. However, an entry level position means you get flexible schedules, training opportunities, growth opportunities along with competitive salary packages. However, if you have some experience in retail industry and a high school diploma or GED, you may send in your Speedway job application for a management position, which will get you a generous salary and benefits package. Internship opportunities are also available to students who need to give their resumes a nutrition boost and get some hands-on experience.

Speedway Benefits

All Speedway employees are entitled to a generous salary package, paid training, paid time-off, retirement packages, healthcare coverage, tuition reimbursement, dental insurance, life insurance, and bonuses. Apply today with the Speedway application and gain access to a multitude of benefits as well as a generous salary package and challenging growth opportunities.

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