Cool Cuts 4 Kids Application

Cool Cuts 4 Kids Application – Apply Online At Cool Cuts 4 Kids Today

Cool Cuts 4 Kids Job Application Online

You can fill out a Cool Cuts 4 Kids online application for employment.  You will also need to have a resume.  You can also visit a local salon to ask for a Cool Cuts 4 Kids application form or hand in a resume and cover letter.

Cool Cuts 4 Kids Jobs Available

When you fill out a Cool Cuts 4 Kids job application form, you can apply for the following positions: Store Manager, Receptionist, Assistant Manager, Hair Stylist, and Shampooer.

Minimum Employment Age At Cool Cuts 4 Kids:

You are required to be at least eighteen years old to seek employment with Cool Cuts 4 Kids.

Cool Cuts 4 Kids Store Hours

Cool Cuts 4 Kids is open Monday through Friday 10:00am-7:00pm; Saturday 9:00am-6:00pm; and Sunday 12:00pm-5:00pm.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Cool Cuts 4 Kids

You will go to the website to fill out the Cool Cuts 4 Kids online application.  It is very short and only one page.  However, you will need to have a current resume to upload to the Cool Cuts 4 Kids job application.

You will provide contact information on the Cool Cuts 4 Kids application.  You will also specify which position you are applying for and if you are looking for full or part time work or temporary employment.

You will upload a resume, so make sure it is in a common format that translates well.  Word documents or plain text (txt) are the best choices.  Do not try to format your resume in a fancy style; it can be hard to read if it changes format.  Use simple fonts and a straightforward design.

Make sure your resume is geared towards the position for which you are applying.  The objective should be relevant to Cool Cuts 4 Kids and your experience and education should highlight your strengths for the position.

Most hiring managers recommend keeping your resume to one page.  If you have more experience, training, or education than that, select the most appropriate ones to use in you resume.  Some people choose to use a functional resume instead of a chronological one if they have relevant experience or training from several years ago.  Choose the type of resume that best highlights you.

Most Common Positions At Cool Cuts 4 Kids & Income Information

Cool Cuts 4 Kids needs to hire stylists and receptionists on an ongoing basis to work with customers.  They offer a competitive wage for all of their employees that is dependent on the location of the salon and the level of experience of the employee.

Cool Cuts 4 Kids Benefits

Employees at Cool Cuts 4 Kids enjoy a casual work environment where jeans are appropriate work wear and it is a fun place to be.  Employees get commissions and can participate in sales contests, along with paid training and continuing education opportunities.

Cool Cuts 4 Kids provides their staff with paid vacation and a flexible schedule for both full time and part time employees.

To visit Cool Cuts 4 Kids’s website click here.

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