Jon’Ric International Salon Application

Jon’Ric International Salon Application – Apply Online At Jon’Ric International Salon Today

Jon’Ric International Salon Job Application Online

If you want to fill out a Jon’Ric International Salon online application for employment, you can visit the website and look up the location near you.  It will provide contact information for the local salon where you can email a cover letter and resume.  You can also visit your local salon and ask for a Jon’Ric International Salon job application.

Jon’Ric International Salon Jobs Available

If you are interested in filling out a Jon’Ric International Salon online application, you can apply for the following positions: Hair Stylist, Intern, General Salon Manager, Receptionist, Shampooer, and Assistant Manager.

Minimum Employment Age At Jon’Ric International Salon:

You must be at least eighteen years old to be employed at Jon’Ric International Salon.

Jon’Ric International Salon Store Hours

Jon’Ric International Salon is open Monday through Wednesday 10:00am-7:00pm; Thursday and Friday 7:00am-9:00pm; and Saturday 9:00am-6:00pm.  They are closed on Sundays.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Jon’Ric International Salon

You will have to check with each individual location to find out if you need to fill out a Jon’Ric International Salon job application form.  Some salons only ask for a cover letter and resume.  You can also visit a nearby location and ask if they have a Jon’Ric International Salon application form.

When you visit the website of the local salon you want to apply to, you will find a contact name.  This is the person you should address your cover letter to and tell them of your interest in working for Jon’Ric International Salon.

The cover letter should be short, only about one paragraph.  You will state your interest in a specific position.  Most of your information should come from your resume.

The resume should only be one page.  If you have a lot of education or training, or have held several jobs, you should only list the three most recent ones.  The exception to this rule is if your older employment is more relevant to the job you are seeking.

For instance, if you worked in a salon while you were in college, you will want to list it even if you have held other jobs since then.  The role of any resume is to highlight your skills and experience in the field you are seeking a job.

Before submitting your cover letter and resume, review them to make sure they are free of any errors.

Most Common Positions At Jon’Ric International Salon & Income Information

Because Jon’Ric International Salon is worldwide, there are always job openings for all of the positions.  There is a continual need for stylists.  Salary is based on location and experience, but they pay a competitive rate to their employees.

Jon’Ric International Salon Benefits

Each Jon’Ric International Salon is a franchise and independently owned; benefits will vary by location.  It can include health, dental, and vision insurance.  They may participate in a 401k plan and get commissions.  All employees get paid training and a flexible schedule based on the needs of the salon.

To visit Jon’Ric International Salon’s website click here.

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