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Trade Secret Application – Apply Online At Trade Secret Today

Trade Secret Job Application Online

You will not find a Trade Secret online application for employment.  You can find locations for their salons and visit one to ask for a Trade Secret job application form.  You can also click on the page “Contact Us” to send a message asking about employment.

Trade Secret Jobs Available

You can fill out the Trade Secret application form for the following positions with the company: Manager, Receptionist, Assistant Manager, Hair Stylist, Sales Associate, and Esthetician.

Minimum Employment Age At Trade Secret:

You have to be at least eighteen years old to work at Trade Secret.

Trade Secret Store Hours

Trade Secret is open Monday through Saturday 10:00am-9:00pm, and on Sunday 11:00am-6:00pm.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Trade Secret

Since you won’t find a Trade Secret online application, the best way to let the salon know you are looking for a position with them is by talking with a manager at a location close to you.  You can look up nearby salons on the website.  It provides phone numbers so that you can call them and ask if they are hiring.  You can inquire if they have a Trade Secret job application on site that you can pick up.

You can also bring in a recently updated resume to the location.  You may still have to fill out a Trade Secret application, but a resume looks professional and shows you are serious about a job.

If you have not created a resume yet, you will want to do so now.  You can pay a resume writing service to create one for you if you do not feel comfortable writing your own.  However, you can also read articles on the internet for tips on writing your own resume.  Since you will have to update it and change it for different jobs, you may want to get a basic understanding of the different styles of a resume.

For hair stylists and other positions in salons, a functional resume may be the best option for you if you do not have much experience.  You can showcase your training and any jobs you have that will be relevant to the position you are seeking with Trade Secret.  Any customer service or retail experience will be helpful even if it was not in a salon.

Whether you choose to write your own resume or pay a service to do it, you will want to review it to make sure it is error free.

Most Common Positions At Trade Secret & Income Information

There are numerous locations of Trade Secret so there are always openings for stylists and sales associates.  If you have management experience, you can find open positions.  Trade Secret pays their staff an excellent wage that is competitive to other salons in the industry.

Trade Secret Benefits

Employees get paid training and flexible schedules.  They also get opportunities to advance within the company.  They may qualify for other benefits, such as health care and paid time off.

To visit Trade Secret’s website click here.

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