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Being a maid is a great option to consider for many people.  People of all ages, young, middle aged, the retired, students and those looking to moonlight consider a housekeeping and maid job to supplement their income.  There are many advantages to filing an online housekeeping and maid job application.  For one, it’s a good job for those who prefer to work alone.  Housecleaning and maid jobs are often well paid.  Some housekeepers get better pay than office professionals, with a lot less stress and pressure.

Housekeeping is a rapidly increase service industry.

Those who work in this enjoy good pay and competitive benefits.  Best of all, it’s not too difficult to get a housekeeping and maid job, because the field is constantly expanding.  The housekeeping industry is always looking for new workers to apply for jobs in this field.  If you are by nature an orderly, detail oriented and thorough person, you will find that it uses many of your natural talents.  What’s more, if you are an active individual, who loves to zip around the house with a dust cloth or vacuum cleaner, you may be an excellent candidate for housekeeper or maid position.  Most positions do not any prior experience, only tidiness and industriousness.

After applying for a housekeeping and maid job, you may well find a position either in private homes or for public firms.  Depending upon the situation, you may befriend rich and powerful people who consider you a member of their extended family.  For those who live in a larger town, there is always a need for maids and housekeeping personnel in large hotels.

A maid or housekeeper mainly concentrates on the removal of litter, dusting, either by using a dust cloth or a small, hand held vacuum cleaner.  Removal of dirt both indoors and outdoors can be done by either vigorously sweeping (with a broom), vacuuming or cleaning an area well with a hose spray (water) or a blower (air).  Household chemicals may be used to clean mold, mildew and to disinfect against bacteria and other germs.  Pesticide may be used in areas where there is a large colony of ants, for example.  This is all part of a housekeeper or maid’s job, and it is not difficult to master.

Just about any public establishment that receives guests regularly needs a qualified housekeeper.  This includes offices, hospitals, shopping malls, schools, and a host of other possibilities.  If you go to work for a privately owned firm, you may become close friends with the owners and an irreplaceable member of the company.  Most likely, the owners did the maid work when the business was still small.  As companies grow the amount of responsibilities and details of the firm make it impossible for them to do the clean-up work themselves.

That’s where you come in.  Most owners are not only grateful but very thankful when they find a qualified and honest housekeeper or maid.  This person is worth more to them than gold.  They know they can rely upon the person to keep the place cleaner than they could, themselves.  Not only that, it puts you in a position of trust which can never ever hurt you. You may have access to someone of power and influence that other people only dream of.  This person may be in a position to help a member of your family find work or many other opportunities.

Besides housekeeping and maid positions, many related support positions exist, like administration, sales, janitor, physical laborer, quality assurance and management.  If you work for a maid cleaning service, these positions may be available with additional experience and/or professional education requirements.

Many part time jobs are available as well.  The hours for these jobs may be during the evenings, making it easy for employees whose children are still in school or who attend college, themselves.  The flexible nature of maid work enables them to organize their schedules with their family and/or school obligations.  Apply for a job as a housekeeper or maid today!

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