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MAID FOR YOU Application – Apply Online At MAID FOR YOU Today

MAID FOR YOU Job Application Online

MAID FOR YOU is a residential maid service company that operates throughout the Oklahoma City area. Founded by a nurse who worked her way through school cleaning houses,in business for six years, they provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all their work. They don’t have franchises, but offer locally based cleaning services from a trustworthy company dedicated to doing it right. In addition to house cleaning they offer services such as commercial janitorial services and construction clean up. If you live in the Oklahoma City area and are interested in a job in maid services, then a MAID FOR YOU job application could be just what you’re looking for.

MAID FOR YOU Jobs Available

MAID FOR YOU hires experienced maids and housekeepers who love to clean. Your duties will involve visiting people’s houses and doing thorough and detailed cleaning, according to each client’s instructions. You must be reliable, honest and meticulous. Actual job openings will vary. Contact the company to find out about a MAID FOR YOU online application.

Minimum Employment Age At MAID FOR YOU:

You must be at least 18 to fill out a MAID FOR YOU job application form.

MAID FOR YOU Store Hours

MAID FOR YOU takes appointments starting at 7 in the morning and going until whatever time it’s needed, every day of the week but Saturday.

Important Tips To Apply Online With MAID FOR YOU

There is no MAID FOR YOU online application for employment available at the MAID FOR YOU website, so you will need to contact the company directly. Either email them to ask about a MAID FOR YOU application form, email them your resume directly, call them or stop by in person. Stopping by in person could benefit you if you get the chance to introduce yourself to a manager or someone in charge of hiring. You may increase your chances of being hired just by doing that. If they don’t have any jobs currently available, ask if you can give them a MAID FOR YOU application to keep on file.

Whether you submit your MAID FOR YOU job application online or in person, it’s important to fill it out completely and accurately. Include personal and professional references and be prepared for a background check and drug testing. They need to be sure that all their employees are fully trustworthy. Include a description of all your past job experience, and any experience that relates to housekeeping or similar work you’ve done in the past. Most of all, let them know that you love to clean and are excited to come to work for them.

Most Common Positions At MAID FOR YOU & Income Information

The most common positions at MAID FOR YOU are jobs as maids or cleaning associates. Experienced candidates will be preferred, but they may consider inexperienced ones as well, provided that you can show that you are enthusiastic and enjoy the work. Salary is competitive and based in part on experience.


MAID FOR YOU may offer its employees benefits such as paid time off, paid sick leave or vacation time, and even retirement options. You get to work in an up-beat environment, doing something active and helping people in their daily lives. You may also have flexible scheduling.

To visit MAID FOR YOU’s website click here.

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