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You’ve Got MAIDS Application – Apply Online At You’ve Got MAIDS Today

You’ve Got MAIDS Job Application Online

You’ve Got MAIDS is a franchised home cleaning service based in Florida but now operating in 11 other states. Its founders, Frank and Cynthia Berger, came from a background of running other franchises and decided to bring that formula to the home cleaning business. They place an emphasis on well trained staff, strong customer service and the use of environmentally friendly cleaners. They offer regular service as well as spring cleaning, help with moving and other services.

You’ve Got MAIDS Jobs Available

Each You’ve Got MAIDS franchise is independently owned and operated, so you will need to contact your local store to find out what their currently openings are. You’ve Got MAIDS hires many entry-level workers as cleaners, and may hire experienced housekeepers to supervisory of management positions. Go by the You’ve Got MAIDS store near you to pick up a You’ve Got MAIDS job application form.

A cleaning specialist or housekeeper provides in-home cleaning services. You would attend their “maid school” to learn the proper way to clean anything, and use their approved cleaners. The goal is give great service with a great attitude. If you’re willing to hard and like to clean, then you should consider submitting your You’ve Got MAIDS application right away.

Minimum Employment Age At You’ve Got MAIDS:

You must be 18 to file a You’ve Got MAIDS job application.

You’ve Got MAIDS Store Hours

Most You’ve Got MAIDS franchises are available Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 6:00pm; and Saturday 8:00am to 12:00pm. They’re usually closed on Sunday.

Important Tips To Apply Online With You’ve Got MAIDS

In order to get a You’ve Got MAIDS application form you should stop by or call the You’ve Got MAIDS franchise near to you. They may or may not have a You’ve Got MAIDS job application online. Each franchise does its own hiring. It’s always better to turn in your You’ve Got MAIDS application in person, introducing yourself to the manager or owner in the process. Show enthusiasm for the idea of working there, and eagerness to learn. Learn what makes You’ve Got MAIDS different from other housekeeping services out there—their environmental approach, for instance.

If you’ve got some money and the willingness to work, instead of a You’ve Got MAIDS online application for employment you might consider starting your own franchise. Startup costs are lower than for a typical franchise, and they will provide you with all the support and training you need.

You may also consider searching for a You’ve Got MAIDS online application for their corporate offices if you live in Orlando, Florida. Check local job listings or inquire with company itself to find out if they have any openings available.

Most Common Positions At You’ve Got MAIDS & Income Information

You’ve Got MAIDS hires lots of entry level and first time workers. You don’t usually need any particular work experience or education beyond a high school diploma to work for them. Startup pay will probably be about minimum wage, but with the chance to increase or work your way up.

You’ve Got MAIDS Benefits

The benefits offered by You’ve Got MAIDS will vary according to franchise. However, you can gain valuable training and job experience. Someday, perhaps, you may be able to go into business for yourself.

To visit You’ve Got MAIDS’s website click here.

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