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ServiceMaster Job Application Online

ServiceMaster is a company dedicating to making people’s home lives better by providing a number of home services. Brands they own include American Home Shield (insurance); Merry Maids (housekeeping); Furniture Medic (furniture repair); Terminix (pest control); TruGreen (lawn care); AmeriaSpec (home inspections); and ServiceMaster Clean (home restoration and commercial cleaning). Together, their 5,000 franchises across the United States employ 29,000 people.

ServiceMaster was founded on Christian principles, with a strong emphasis on ethics, community involvement, charitable works and environmental responsibility. If you have an interest in almost any branch of the service industry, then a ServiceMaster application form could find you the job of your dreams with a highly diverse and admired company.

ServiceMaster Jobs Available

From the ServiceMaster main website you can search for jobs with any of their brand companies, giving you a huge range to choose from. Whether you want entry level, management or professional work; whether you like to cut grass, clean houses, fix furniture, sell insurance or do any one of dozens of tasks, you can find the ServiceMaster job application form to suit you. Each branch of business hires a lot of entry-level workers, but they also staff supervisors, managers and clerical and administrative workers.

Minimum Employment Age At ServiceMaster:

You must be 18 to fill out a ServiceMaster job application.

ServiceMaster Store Hours

ServiceMaster stores are typically open Monday through Friday, 7:30am to 6:00pm; and Saturday 8:00am to 12:00pm.They’re closed on Sundays.

Important Tips To Apply Online With ServiceMaster

The career page at the ServiceMaster website will show you a map indicating which states have  high numbers of jobs available. You may search by location or company to find a ServiceMaster online application for employment which suits your skills and interests. You may fill out as many ServiceMaster online applications you wish, but you should stick with jobs that you are qualified to do.

Because ServiceMaster places such a high premium on their personal brand of ethics and social responsibility, it would be a good idea to find out about the company ahead of time. You want to be able to express real respect for ServiceMaster and what it’s about, both on your ServiceMaster application and in an interview. If you have one, include a resume with your ServiceMaster job application online, and a cover letter where you make your case for why you would be an asset in that job.

Most Common Positions At ServiceMaster & Income Information

It’s hard to name any single job position at ServiceMaster which is the most common, but they hire large numbers of entry level workers in each company. Pay will vary according to work and experience level, but ServiceMaster provides competitive, appropriate pay.

ServiceMaster Benefits

One of the major benefits of working at ServiceMaster is that you have access to so many other companies within the same family of companies. You may be able to move from one to another, and the opportunities for promotion and long term career growth and huge, including executive positions and ownership of your very own ServiceMaster franchise. They have tons of job training and career development courses offered. Job benefit packages include features like retirement accounts, comprehensive health insurance, paid time off and ServiceMaster discounts.

To visit ServiceMaster’s website click here.

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