Insurance Job Applications

The insurance industry in the United States is booming. There is a high demand for new talent on an ongoing basis, at the same time that there is much competition for all the best spots. Getting your foot into the insurance door virtually guarantees you a successful career, and people from many different educational backgrounds can find work that suits their talents.

There are very many types of insurance, and insurance businesses. Some specialize in only one sort of policy, while others carry many. There is private insurance, such as health insurance, life insurance, vehicle insurance and homeowner’s insurance. There is commercial insurance, such as commercial liability insurance, commercial vehicle or building insurance. Anything of value can be insured, whether it be a possession, a place, a person, financial assets or information.  Every business and most people carry several different types of insurance, generating tens of thousands of jobs all across the country.

Types of Insurance Jobs

Insurance companies employ people in all kinds of capacities, including the usual business related jobs, such as accounting, IT,  customer service, sales and administration. There are some jobs which are particular to the insurance industry. Here are a few:

Actuaries are the people who decide if a person or business is prudent to insure, and how much it the policy should cost. They may set or review insurance policies, review applications and perform other tasks. You need to pass an exam to become an actuary, and a strong background in mathematics helps.

Auditors review insurance claims. They determine first of all if a claim is legitimate, and then which lost, damaged, et cetera, items are covered by the policy. This is similar to the role played by a claims examiner; claims examiners, however, focus more on weeding out fraud and false claims.

Insurance appraisers determine the amount of the final monetary award by appraising the worth of the insured item and the necessary cost to repair or replace it.

How to Get an Insurance Job

There are several ways you can go about looking for a job in the insurance industry. To begin, you may choose to pursue specialized training or certifications, such as passing the actuary exam, in order to make yourself qualified. If you believe you are qualified for a job in the insurance industry, you may choose to apply directly to an insurance company, or you may use the services of an insurance recruiter. Insurance recruiters are businesses or individuals that function like agents, matching employers with potential employees. Going through an insurance recruiter may increase your chances of finding an appropriate job.

If you prefer to apply for yourself, then begin visiting the websites of all the insurance companies who have offices near you. Look for the “careers” page. You may find specific job listings, or you may simply find information on where to send your resume. Apply for as many jobs as you believe you are qualified to do, or send your resume to them. Do not be discouraged if you don’t get a reply from one immediately; the more applications and resumes you put out there, the more likely you are to hear something.

A third option is to use “jobs” websites which carry listings from a large number of companies. Although you should not rely on these alone, as not all businesses chose to list all their jobs on these sites, placing an online profile on these sites can increase your visibility and expose you to a wider range of openings on an ongoing basis.


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