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Fairway Divorce Solutions Job Application Online

Fairway Divorce Solutions is a provider of divorce mediation services to the couples who are in the process of finalizing a divorce. The company has a very rich history of providing support to the people who are having a tough time in negotiating the divorce process. The divorce mediators of Fairway Divorce Solutions are experienced people who know how to help the people struggling with the emotional distress that comes when they are having a divorce. The best thing about the services offered by the company is that it provides consultation services for free. You won’t be charged a single cent when you consult the company for the first time regarding your divorce after which a divorce mediator of the company will contact you very soon. Fairway Divorce Solutions has gone from strength to strength and now has offices located in many parts of Canada. Filling out the Fairway Divorce Solutions online application is the only way through which you can land a job at the company, so do not waste time and submit it right away.

Fairway Divorce Solutions Jobs Available

Fairway Divorce Solutions has offices located all over Canada and most of them are currently accepting Fairway Divorce Solutions application for the job of divorce mediator. As the title of the job describes, the person applying for this post will be given the duty to help the people in resolving their divorce cases quickly and in a much less stressful manner. Moreover, the divorce mediator should also lend his hand in marketing the company and establishing it as a local brand.

How can I get hired at Fairway Divorce Solutions?

People trying to help the couples who are looking for divorce solutions and who have experience of mediating are always welcome to fill out the Fairway Divorce Solutions job application. The candidates applying for this post should have a good deal of experience of working as a divorce mediator. Even though experience is the most important factor, fresh people who have recently finished their education and want to step in the field of divorce mediation could also apply for this post. You have to be a lawyer, psychologist or an accredited mediator if you want to get his job.

How can I apply at Fairway Divorce Solutions?

You can apply for a job at the company by filling the Fairway Divorce Solutions application form accompanied by a nicely written CV. You can also use the Fairway Divorce Solutions online application form for sending in your job request.

Minimum Employment Age at Fairway Divorce Solutions

Fairway Divorce Solutions is a very responsible company therefore it gives the state laws the importance they deserve and hire only those people as divorce mediators who are above eighteen years of age. The company only accepts the Fairway Divorce Solutions applications from applicants who are either eighteen years old or are older than that.

Fairway Divorce Solutions Store Hours

The offices of Fairway Divorce Solutions are open for people from 8:30am in the morning to 5pm in the evening from Monday till Friday. There are some offices that need to remain open for a bit longer to facilitate the people.

Most Common Positions at Fairway Divorce Solutions & Income Information

Fairway Divorce Solutions is in the process of hiring divorce mediators that can work in the new offices of the company that are being opened across the country.Divorce mediators are offered a handsome salary package and a bonus program to boot depending on the experience they have in this field.

Fairway Divorce Solutions Benefits

The Divorce mediators working for the company are considered important family members, which is why they are given ancillary benefits in addition to their pay. These perks includes life insurance, retirement plans, medical and dental coverage and a comprehensive training program as well that can boost your skills.Fairway Divorce Solutions also have a very compelling bonus program for the mediators as well which focuses on their performance an rewards them accordingly.If you are looking for a career in a company that can offer you the chance to collaborate with experienced divorce mediators from all over the country then Fairway Divorce Solutions is the best company for you and you should not hesitate in completing the Fairway Divorce Solutions online application for employment that is available at the company’s website.

Fairway Divorce Solutions Career Center.


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