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Friendly Computers Application – Apply Online At Friendly Computers Today

Friendly Computers Job Application Online

Starting in 1992 Friendly Computers began by helping local consumers with on-site computer repair and support. The company helps customers from beginners to large corporations installing networks and implementing e-commerce solutions.

Friendly Computers now is a franchise-offering consumer and businesses on-site support, setup, and repair. They have aided customers from installing their very first home network to upgrading that system, as well as installing a company’s entire networking system as well as supporting the network for that company.

Their corporation is centered on the customer. By offering great customer service the customer will remain with them. As the number of computer users continues to grow so has the demand for on site computer servicing and repair. Friendly Computers has taken a lead role in this very rapidly growing business, by franchising their business nationwide.

Friendly Computers help customers repair, service, and upgrade systems on-site at business and at home.They also custom build computers to ensure customers are paying only for the features and function they wanted and needed.

If this sounds like a place you would like to work then complete Friendly Computers online application for employment.

Friendly Computers is exploding with growth. When you become a part of this team you will find numerous advancement opportunities not just in field of computers but where you might want to live. Their home basis is in Las Vegas.

Friendly Computers Jobs Available

You may submit a Friendly Computers application form for any of the following positions: Computer Bench Technician, computer technician on the road, dispatch operations, operations, executive secretary, executive sales representative, general management, and web designer. These are jobs that are currently open and being interviewed for.

Minimum Employment Age at Friendly Computers

The Friendly Computers job application online is available to applicants of 18 years of age or older but must have a minimum of two years of tech work.

Friendly Computers Store Hours

They start taking calls at about 9 am and work until their scheduled calls for the day are finished, with bench techs often working later.

Important Tips to Apply Online With Friendly Computers

  • Friendly Computers online application should show a strong basis in computer technology.
  • Friendly Computers job application form should show if you have any tech certification.
  • In order to convince them that you are perfect for these jobs you need to show a lot of experience already working with computers and are up to date with everything that is new.
  • Need to have great customer service skills and have a good driving record and car insurance

Most Common Positions at Friendly Computers & Income Information

Complete a Friendly Computers job application if you are a hardworking and skilled technician, as that is what they really need right now. Salary is based on your previous experiences and certifications.

Friendly Computers Benefits

Completing a Friendly Computers application can open the door to an exciting career with a good package of benefits which include base pay plus incentives, training paid, medical dental and vision care and direct deposits.

Friendly Computers Career Center.



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