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The Utility Company Job Application Online

The Utility Company is the nation’s number one provider of information technology (IT) services to small and medium businesses with over 100 locations from coast to coast. The Utility Company takes a different approach to IT support for its clients. Instead of every company having a dedicated team of IT professionals on staff, The Utility Company offers virtual support services and mobile technicians for an affordable, flat rate that is available exclusively to small and medium businesses. This option is considerably more cost effective than other options available to smaller businesses. To join The Utility Company’s team of highly skilled professionals who are committed to excellent customer service, complete and submit The Utility Company job application online.

The Utility Company Jobs Available

The Utility Company is looking to hire all levels of IT support technicians: entry level, intermediate level, and senior level IT support technicians.

Entry level support technicians provide basic support and virtual diagnostics of client desktop computers. Support can include remote assistance for desktop users and performing routine system upgrades. Applicants who submit The Utility Company online application must have at least four years of education or experience or a combination of the two.

Intermediate level support technicians must possess at least an associate’s degree with a minimum of three to five years of experience working with virtual systems and network operations. Intermediate level support technicians may be required to provide onsite support to client’s facilities for computer and network troubleshooting and repair.

Senior level support technicians are the most experienced technicians who provide advanced troubleshooting and support. Candidates for senior level positions must have a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field of study and at least five years of experience. It is preferred that at least two of the years of experience be in upper level IT support.

Minimum Employment Age At The Utility Company

The Utility Company does not have a minimum age for applicants to complete The Utility Company application form online. The Utility Company does, however, have minimum experience and educational requirements. Applicants who do not meet these requirements may be rejected.

The Utility Company Store Hours

Employees of The Utility Company must be available to work all shifts, 24 hours a day. This includes weekends and holidays.

Important Tips To Apply Online With The Utility Company

The most important tip for applicants who wish to submit a The Utility Company online application for employment is that they should ensure that they meet the minimum education and experience requirements for the job level they are applying for. Failure to do so may result in their applications being rejected. Candidates are strongly recommended to have Microsoft and Cisco certifications that correspond to or exceed the position level that they are applying for.

Most Common Positions At The Utility Company & Income Information

The most common positions available for immediate hiring consideration after completing a The Utility Company application are IT support technicians of every level, from entry to senior levels. Salary ranges for technicians is based on education, experience, and certifications held. Entry level support technician salaries range from $31k to $49k annually. Intermediate level support technicians range from $38k to $61k per year. Senior level support technician salaries begin at $41k annually and can reach up to $75k.

The Utility Company Benefits

The Utility Company benefits packages are all inclusive and comprise of health insurance, life insurance, retirement options, and paid time off. IT support technicians also receive additional compensation for working nights, weekends, and holidays. To become a member of the leading IT support service to small and medium businesses in the United States, complete The Utility Company online application and submit your current resume now.

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