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Bekins has numerous positions for high quality employees. Working with a company like this can provide many benefits for a person and their family.

Bekins Job Application Online

Bekins is a well-respected moving company, looking for dedicated and interested persons to fill many positions. If you have a great work ethic, a friendly attitude, and an eye for service, fill out a Bekins online application today!

Bekins Jobs Available

Truck Driver, Van Operator, Owner-Operator, Helper, IT Director, Director, Contract Director, Commercial Sales Representative, Customer Service Representative, Packer, Accounts Payable, Helper, Accounts Receivable Clerk, Contract Director

Minimum Employment Age At Bekins

The minimum age to fill out a Bekins application form is eighteen. Some jobs may require that you be at least twenty-two.

Bekins Store Hours

All week long from 8:00am to 5:00pm

Important Tips To Apply At Bekins

You must be at least eighteen to fill out a Bekins application, but some positions may require you to be at least twenty-two. Entry level positions require no prior experience, however drivers must be able to pass basic background and drug tests before consideration. For inexperienced personnel, this company does provide both offsite and onsite training. You will be taught how to relocate a customer in a fashion that is fast, efficient, safe, and friendly. Managers may be required to have past experience in the field.

Calling the location that you have applied to is also a great way to show that you are invested and interested in a position at Bekins. Be sure to explain that you have filled out an Bekins online application for employment, and are following up on its progress. As with any other job application process, the prevailing notion is that “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”.

Be sure to pay a visit to the office that accepted your Bekins application form. Dress nicely, and adopt your friendliest demeanor. This will go a long way to making you stand out in a crowd. Ask for any available general or hiring managers, introduce yourself, and be sure to tell them about your Bekins job application online. When they go to hire for the next season, they will no doubt remember you, and if you make a great impression, it will go a long way to increase your chances.

Most Common Positions At Bekins And Income Information

The most commonly needed positions are movers and drivers. Before filling out a Bekins job application form online, be sure you are capable of lifting at least fifty pounds yourself, and be able to stand for most of the day. Most of these positions do not require prior experience, and onsite and offsite training is available. For those who are not looking for a manual labor positions, there may be employment for customer service reps or call center personnel.

All of these positions have an attractive base pay, and some salary options depending on the job. Even entry level positions have a competitive and clear pay.

Bekins Benefits

Bekins provides some attractive benefits to long term employees. These benefits include a 401k retirement plan, employee assistance, and paid vacation time. Health care coverage may also be available depending on the state that you have filled out a Bekins job application.

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