United Van Lines Application

United Van Lines Application – Apply Online At United Van Lines Today

United Van Lines is the largest relocation service center in the United States, and is looking for committed help to provide the best possible service to its customers. Applicants should be willing to work hard, lift at least fifty pounds, and be on the feet for the whole work day. If you are motivated and fit this criteria, fill out a United Van Lines online application for employment today!

United Van Lines Jobs Available

Agents, Household Goods Fleet Driver, Special Commodities Fleet Driver, International Commodity Specialist, Customer Service Specialist, Accounts Receivable Analyst, Project Coordinator, Program Services Coordinator, International Move Manager, Transportation Specialist, Customer Service Representative,

Temporary Positions: Inside Sales Specialist

Minimum Employment Age At United Van Lines

Most positions require that you be at least eighteen before submitting a United Van Lines job application online. Driver positions require that you be at least twenty-two.

United Van Lines Store Hours

Locations are open all week from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

Important Tips To Apply Online With United Van Lines

Reading our article, “7 Secrets To Getting Hired” is a great first step to ensure that your United Van Lines job application is well received. It includes many fantastic tips for success, and can help you stand out in the stack of applications. Standing out in the crowd will ensure that your application will get the second look it deserves when a hiring spree comes around.

Doing some additional research before submitting your United Van Lines online application can really help you when it comes to an interview. Knowing the job you are applying for and all that it entails can give you a much needed leg up on the competition. Knowing the companies history and customer practices can also make you look very good in an interview.

After submitting your United Van Lines job application form, be sure to call the office you have submitted it to. Ask for a manager and introduce yourself plainly. Tell them that you recently completed a United Van Lines job application form, and ask about the status of it. Try not to be pushy, but be enthusiastic and interested. This will help you when the manager goes to hire new personnel, as he is likely to remember you first.

Most Common Positions at United Van Lines & Income Information

Presently, they are accepting United Van Lines application forms for entry level positions in customer service, moving personnel, and drivers. All of these positions offer fantastic starting pay, with the possibility for upward movement. To apply as a driver, you must be able to pass a basic drug test, and have a clean driving record. If any of these jobs sound appealing to you, submit a United Van Lines application today!

United Van Lines Benefits

United Van Lines offers attractive benefits to long term employees, including salary choices, a 401 k plan, company health care, and paid time off. If you are looking for upward growth, they also provide tuition assistance and other educational support for potential management positions.


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