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Museum Job Application Online

By the very nature of their operations, museums offer a wide variety of different employment opportunities.  The museum displays themselves require the expertise of curators and specialists in the fields being represented (art, history, and so on), while the museum’s behind-the-scenes operations require education specialists, marketing specialists, customer service representatives, and bookkeeping and administrative support. Particularly if you have an interest in education, a Museum online application for employment can set you up with a job that will continue to challenge and interest you.

Museum Jobs Available

The positions for which you can submit a Museum application form may include the following: administrative assistant, call center coordinator, artist, custodian, accountant, education program specialist, customer service representative, audiovisual and exhibitions specialist, financial manager, groundskeeper, outreach presenter, security officer, sales associate in a gift shop or at the museum entrance, food preparation and food service at a museum cafe, and museum curators.  Depending on the type of museum (art museum, history museum, natural history museum, or specifically themed museum such as a whaling museum or flight museum), there will likely be openings for specialists in related fields.  These may be art buyers, biologists, historians, among other possibilities.

Minimum Employment Age At Museum:

In most cases, a Museum job application online is available to applicants of at least eighteen years.  Some museums, being educational institutions, do offer paid internships for students, which may be available to young people under eighteen.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Museum

•         The educational aspects of museum operation often value an educational background even over a content-specific background.  Presenting the museum’s materials in a way that can be understood and appreciated by the general public takes the special touch of an educator, so a person with a background in teaching or curriculum design would likely be successful with a Museum online application.  Most museums need explanatory written materials to accompany the actual displays, as well as outreach programs, classes, and educational programming.

•         Many museum jobs don’t require a specialist background, so if you don’t have the experience or training in art, history, or education, you can still submit a Museum online application for positions like maintenance, customer service, gift shop sales, or groundskeeper.

•         Most museums also employ docents, who interact with the public to explain displays or answer questions.  This is a job for which you can submit a Museum job application form  even if you don’t have an education background; the education specialists often train and educate the docents about the details of the display materials.

Museum Benefits

A successful Museum application will generally result in a job with full benefits.  These will likely include health insurance, vision and dental insurance, paid vacation days and holidays, paid sick leave, a pension plan or 401(K) retirement account, an employee assistance program for issues like child care and counseling, and a flexible spending account or “cafeteria plan” for tax-sheltered medical and child care costs.  Most museums also include annual memberships for employees and their families to enjoy the museum, as well as any “sister” institutions.  Employees generally enjoy discounted shopping at the museum gift shop, as well as discounted dining if the museum includes a cafeteria or restaurant.

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