California Historical Society Application

California Historical Society Application – Apply Online At California Historical Society Today

California Historical Society Job Application Online

If you’re considering making a California Historical Society application, you’ll be doing your research.  You’ll know that it’s a membership based, non-profit making group that celebrates history in a variety of ways.  In operation since 1871, it showcases photographs; diaries; manuscripts; business records; fine art; newspapers and books.  It is the perfect place to work if you are keen on history, and want to learn more while updating your skills and adding to your education.  It contains a gallery and research library, and is easy to get to via public transport.

California Historical Society Jobs Available

Whether you want to work full time, or fit your job in around your studies, you can make a California Historical Society job application to suit your requirements.  You can work as a sales associate, a ticket seller, or help out on the maintenance side of things.

Minimum Employment Age At California Historical Society:

As long as you’re eighteen years old or over, and have a passion for history as well as customer service, you should go ahead with your California Historical Society application.

California Historical Society Store Hours

During the week, the Society is open 9 am until 5 pm, and it’s also open 12 until 4.30 pm at the weekends.

Important Tips To Apply Online With California Historical Society

Make sure your application is well researched.  You can find out everything you need to know by reading up online, and by visiting the premises in person.  While you’re there, you can make a good impression on the management by enquiring about the role you want.  Your application form should be grammatically perfect with all words spelled correctly, and your content should clearly demonstrate how you meet the required and desired criteria.  Completing a rough draft beforehand should help with this.  When you are going for interview, make sure you look your best, well groomed and professional, and have re-read your application and are ready to discuss it in more detail.

Most Common Positions At California Historical Society & Income Information

Before you fill out your California Historical Society application form, you’ll want to know about the kind of work you could be doing.  You could be selling tickets, providing information for customers, giving guided tours or assisting professionals.  Whichever of these roles you  fulfil, you won’t regret filling out your California Historical Society application online, as you will find yourself working for an organization in which you will never get bored, and in which you will learn a lot.  For the privilege, you will be on a competitive pay scale.

California Historical Society Benefits

If you’re working for the Society, you will appreciate the flexible scheduling, especially if you have other commitments.  The retirement savings plan and healthcare will provide peace of mind, so you’ll know you’re contributing to your future.  If you need a vacation, you’ll be paid for the time you are off work, so holidays don’t leave you out of pocket.  So, what are you waiting for?  Complete your California Historical Society application for employment today!

To visit California Historical Society’s website click here.

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