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Louisiana State Museum Application – Apply Online At Louisiana State Museum Today

Louisiana State Museum Job Application Online

Located in the beautiful and mysterious French Quarter of New Orleans and in several other areas of Louisiana, the Louisiana State Museum has a great deal to offer to both tourists and employees. Visiting there is a unique experience full of artifacts and historical tidbits you won’t find elsewhere in the United States, and the employee there will gain access to secrets and legends known only to the locals and will begin to tap into the mystery that is New Orleans. If you want a unique and exciting job, fill out a Louisiana State Museum online application for employment.

 Louisiana State Museum Jobs Available

You may submit a Louisiana State Museum application form for any of the following positions: Curator, Museum Collections Management, Marketing and Communications Associate, Marketing and Communications Director, Intern, Janitor, Maintenance Technician, Receptionist, Tour Guide, Customer Service Representative, and Curriculum Specialist and Educator

Minimum Employment Age At Louisiana State Museum:

The Louisiana State Museum job application online is available to applicants of eighteenor older.

Louisiana State Museum Store Hours

The Louisiana State Museum is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10am to 4:30pm.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Louisiana State Museum

  • If you want employment with the Louisiana State Museum, you will have to check the website regularly for opportunities. Then, once there is an opening for the job you like, there will be a link to a Louisiana State Museum online application.
  • If you’re the impatient type, then think about visiting the Louisiana State Museum and asking them about employment opportunities or filling out Louisiana State Museum job application form in case something opens up. Often, these jobs will circulate on the inside and be given to someone who has connections, so if you start volunteering at the museum often or just visit regularly and give a good impression, they will be more likely to hire you. That way you’re the one who gets the job before they have a chance to put it online.

Most Common Positions At Louisiana State Museum & Income Information

Like at any museum, the most common positions have to do with customer service and janitorial staff, as the large influx of tourists creates a need to take care of the tourists and to clean up after them. Customer service, maintenance, touring, or reception are positions with a need for the most employees, but they are also some of the lower paying jobs, ranging from minimum wage to eleven dollars an hour. If you’re itching for one of these jobs and can’t wait till they post it online, go ahead and go to the museum to fill out a Louisiana State Museum job application.

Some of the other positions, like curator or manager, pay much heftier salary, averaging around 50,000 dollars a year. While they might be more stressful than other positions, they also come with more perks: an office, travel, fundraising dinners, meeting donors, and more.

Louisiana State Museum Benefits

Many of the benefits that start after your Louisiana State Museum applicationis accepted are not stated in the job description. You will get to meet all kinds of people, wealthy, poor, and in the middle. You’ll learn secrets about the city of New Orleans and experience an immersion of culture that is difficult to find anywhere outside of a museum.

When working in a salaried position, you will receive a 401(K), paid vacation, paid holidays, and paid sick leave, and short-term disability. Various other perks and benefits can be negotiated during the interview.

To visit Louisiana State Museum’s website click here.

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