Nebraska State Historical Society Application

Nebraska State Historical Society Application – Apply Online At Nebraska State Historical Society Today

Nebraska State Historical Society Job Application Online

The Nebraska State Historical Society online application for employment can get you started in a great career with a nonprofit organization that was established in the 1800s. The organization’s goal is to preserve and protect the history of the state through various museums, convention sites, and historical sites. It also provides educational classes. In addition, it also is the host to various events throughout the year that can help to enrich the lives of the visitors and the citizens of the state of Nebraska.

The organization was started as a private corporation in the late 1800s. In 1883, it was officially a state institution and a hundred years thereafter, the organization became a state agency. Lincoln, Nebraska is where the headquarters are located.  By submitting your Nebraska State Historical Society application form today, you can get your start in working with the nonprofit sector of this industry.

Nebraska State Historical Society Available Jobs

Your Nebraska State Historical Society application form will open the door to a number of job positions including administrator, museum curator, security staff, maintenance staff, and groundskeeper.

Minimum Employment Age At Nebraska State Historical Society:

The Nebraska State Historical Society job application online is available to individuals who are at last 18 years of age or older.

Nebraska State Historical Society Store Hours

Hours of operation are Monday through Saturday 8AM to 5PM; Sundays 9AM through 5PM.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Nebraska State Historical Society

  • When you’re filling out the Nebraska State Historical Society online application, you’ll want to include any relevant museum work experience you may have. For example, if you’ve already worked in a museum of sorts, then you can include that in your work history. While previous experience is not always necessary, it does help to make a better impression and it makes you stand out among other applicants. You’ll also want to include any kind of volunteer work you’ve done. Remember that this is a nonprofit sector, so the fact that you’ve done some volunteer work previously will show that you’ve worked in the nonprofit sector before.
  • After you have filled out your Nebraska State Historical Society job application form, you may be asked to come in for an interview.  Have a copy of your resume and cover letter handy when you walk into the interview. You’ll also want to be dressed professionally. Men should have suit and tie, women should have professional office attire, such as dresses, skirts or pant suit.
  • Follow up with a phone call at least once a week after submitting your application. There may be hundreds of other applicants to search through, so by calling on a regular basis, you can stand out and have an advantage.

Most Common Positions At Nebraska State Historical Society & Income Information

Your Nebraska State Historical Society job application will open many new doors for many jobs that include customer service associate, groundskeeper, and curator.  These are some of the more common job positions with the organization. The pay scale will depend on your experience, educational background and the job position you’re filling.

Nebraska State Historical Society Benefits

Submission of a Nebraska State Historical Society application can open the doors to many exciting benefits for you. You get to know and understand the history of Nebraska, which has a rich cultural background. If you’re a full-time employee, you may be eligible for 401 K retirement plans, paid vacations, sick leave, flexible scheduling and more.

To visit Nebraska State Historical Society’s website click here.

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