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Ohio Historical Society Application – Apply Online At Ohio Historical Society Today

Ohio Historical Society Job Application Online

The Ohio Historical Society online application for employment can get you started in a great career with this organization that ranks as a major player in the museum business. It was founded in the late 1800s. Back then, it was known as The Ohio State Archeological and Historical Society. The organization’s mission is to promote awareness and knowledge of history and archeology in the state of Ohio. The organization’s headquarters are located in the city of Columbus, Ohio.  The building stands alongside Ohio Village. Ohio Village is a civil war era village that has been reconstructed for tourists.

The organization runs and operates many locations. It also contracts the services of specific operators at a host of different sites. It maintains operations at Ohio River Museum in Marietta, Cooke House in Sandusky, Schoenbrunn Village in New Philadelphia and many other sites. There are also educational gatherings, historical gatherings, theatrical productions, holiday events and workshops offered. If you are into history, then you may enjoy this exciting career with the Ohio Historical Society.  By submitting your Ohio Historical Society application form today, you can get your start in working with the nonprofit sector of this industry and begin your career with this massive historical society.

Ohio Historical Society Available Jobs

Your Ohio application form will open the door to a number of entry-level and professional job opportunities. Entry-level workers with the society will usually work in maintenance or customer service. Some of the tasks may also include making appointments, grounds keeping, answering phones, and cleaning.

Minimum Employment Age At Ohio Historical Society:

The Ohio Historical Society job application online is available to individuals who are at last 18 years of age or older.

Ohio Historical Society Store Hours

Hours of operation are Thursday through Friday 10AM to 7PM; Closed Saturday through Wednesday.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Ohio Historical Society

  • When you’re filling out lick the OhioHistorical Society online application, you’ll want to include all relevant work experience, educational experience and other information that you think would be of interest to your prospective employer.
  • The application process gives you the opportunity to join the ranks of a major museum organization. You can fill out your Ohio Historical Society job application form at the company’s website.

Most Common Positions At Ohio Historical Society & Income Information

Your Ohio Historical Society job application will open the doors to a lot of different opportunities including tour guide, sales associate, groundskeeper, and janitor, which are the more common positions.

Ohio Historical Society Benefits

Submission of an Ohio Historical Society application can open the doors to many exciting benefits for you. You’ll be working with one of the state’s largest historical societies. You’ll get a chance to learn all about Ohio how it came to be, and what the history is behind it. If you’re a native of Ohio, and have several generations of family that have lived there, then this would be an excellent job for you to understand your own roots, history and culture.  Fill out your application today and get started in this exciting career!

To visit Ohio Historical Society’s website click here.

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