State Historical Society of Iowa Application

State Historical Society of Iowa Application – Apply Online At State Historical Society of Iowa Today

State Historical Society of Iowa Job Application Online

Funded and operated by Iowa’s state government, the Historical Society’s museum, archives, libraries, historic sites, and education outreach programs all employ workers full-time. The State Historical Society of Iowa online application for employment is a great opportunity for anyone interested in history to make a living while exploring their own interest in the past..

 State Historical Society of Iowa Jobs Available

The State Historical Society of Iowa application form can be submitted for positions including special collections archivist, special collections technician, publication editors, exhibit designer, curators, conservators, education coordinator, historian, archaeologist, preservation architect, librarian, museum guide, gift shop retail, maintenance, warehouse operations, and managers of various departments.

Minimum Employment Age At State Historical Society of Iowa:

The State Historical Society of Iowa job application is open to any applicant who is an adult of at least eighteen.

State Historical Society of Iowa Store Hours

The State Historical Museum operates from nine in the morning until 4:30 in the afternoon Monday through Saturday, and noon to 4:30 on Sundays.  The Museum Store is closed Sundays and Mondays, but open the same time as the museum itself on the other days of the week. Check the website to determine operating hours of the various libraries, education and outreach programs, and historic sites.

Important Tips To Apply Online With State Historical Society of Iowa

Before you submit a State Historical Society of Iowa application, avail yourself of the chance to educate yourself with the wealth of information available on the website.  Consider signing up for the electronic newsletter (featuring educational outreach and Society-sponsored events) to keep connected with updates and information about the company as you apply . You’ll be ensuring your own ability to to converse knowledgeably about the Society’s mission and programs, showing yourself as the ideal, informed candidate when you apply and interview.

When you’re filling out your State Historical Society of Iowa job application form online, take the time and care and time to present yourself as the best possible candidate, highlighting the job skills and experiences that make you a good fit.

Your State Historical Society of Iowa online job application should be error-free and complete in all the answers of requested personal history and information.

Most Common Positions At State Historical Society of Iowa & Income Information

You can complete a State Historical Society of Iowa job application online for hourly jobs at minimum wage, such as maintenance, retail sales in the museum store, and construction of displays. Salaried positions include educational outreach jobs, curator positions, archivists, archaeologists, and historians.

State Historical Society of Iowa Benefits

Your application for State Historical Society of Iowa will set you up with  competitive salary or wages; health insurance coverage including dental, medical and vision insurance, and  insurance coverage for prescription drugs; retirement pension plan or 401(K) plans; paid holidays, vacations, and sick leave; flexible scheduling, access to a government employee credit union; insurance for short term and long term disability; an assisting Employee Assistance Program covering issues like child care and counseling, and training programs.  You can also avail yourself of the specialized training program offered by the Historical Society, which enables you to beef up your resume as well as the opportunity to advance your career within the company.  As an employee of the state government, you enjoy the benefits of the government-level pension plans and insurance coverage.

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