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Minuteman Press Application – Apply Online At Minuteman Press Today

Minuteman Press Job Application Online

Today, ebooks, emails, and other forms of electronic data transmission are reducing the need for printed media.  On the other hand, many business still rely on  flyers, business cards, and other types of high quality printed materials to meet a wide range of operational needs. While laser printers may produce good quality, most still turn to outsourced printing companies in order to get the lowest price and best value.  If you are looking for a job where you can use your creative and detail oriented gifts, submitting a  Minuteman Press application may be a good way to start.

Minuteman Press Jobs Available

Even if you are do not have a degree in the visual arts, you may still apply for the following jobs using the  Minuteman Press job application: graphics designer, commercial printer technician, sales associate, account manager, field marketing specialist, printer, press operator, and administrative support specialist.

Minimum Employment Age At Minuteman Press:

Regardless of how motivated you may feel towards achieving your independence from parental support, you must be at least 18 before you can fill out the Minuteman Press job application form.

Minuteman Press Store Hours

Since Minuteman Press is a franchised business, you will find that hours vary from one location to the next. You should ask at your local store about work shifts so that you can get some ideas about what you may be asked to commit to once you submit a  Minuteman Press online application.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Minuteman Press

Before you begin filling out the  Minuteman Press application form, it may be of some help to make sure that you have an updated web based portfolio. This is especially important if you are applying for graphic design or marketing oriented jobs.  Even though you may have a number of templates and other materials to work with, the  Minuteman Press online application for employment screener will still be interesting in assessing your creativity levels.

Most Common Positions At Minuteman Press & Income Information

Even though you will find a good bit of competition for graphics design jobs when you submit the  Minuteman Press job application online, you should still feel confident about your skills and creative efforts. If you also have degrees in business, or clerical skills, it may be of some help to apply for management or sales oriented jobs.  That said, if you have to choose between a primary and secondary focus, you should always discuss what you truly do best, and apply for those jobs even if the competition is heavier.

Minuteman Press Benefits

If you are hired by Minuteman Press, your salary and benefits will most likely meet the industrial standard for commercial printing outlets.  Most full time workers receive paid training time, health insurance, and 401k plans.   Depending on seniority levels and hours worked per week, you may also be eligible for life insurance and paid vacation time.

To visit Minuteman Press’s website click here.

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