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BlueGrace Logistics Application Online

BlueGrace Logistics is a third-party logistics provider established in November 2007. It is one of the most advanced transportation business in the US. Founded by President and CEO Bobby Harris, this corporation was included as among the list of the fastest developing private companies in America called Inc. 500. For a short time, the corporation was able to reach the top ranks in the line of transportation and logistics industry. Though originally based in Apollo Beach Florida, the company headquarters transferred to Riverview City to accommodate the overwhelming manpower. Soon, the company expanded to branches in Orlando, Chicago and Salt Lake City. BlueGrace Logistics specializes in managing the client’s superior supply chain management services. The company focuses in delivering efficiency in mobile performance as well as in the cost while keeping customer service at its finest. Being the best in technology-based operations and utilizing the latest Transportation Management System, interested applicants should take note of innovative excellence when signing up the BlueGrace Logistics online application for employment. This corporation is looking for new team members who can maintain high standard transportation and supply chain management in the country.

BlueGrace Logistics Jobs Available

You may submit a BlueGrace Logistics application form for any of the following positions: National Sales Representative, Customer Loyalty Representative, Truckload Operations Representative, Truckload Sales Representative, Account Executive and Enterprise Account Executive. They also actively seek new franchise units throughout the US.

Minimum Employment Age at BlueGrace Logistics

The BlueGrace Logistics job application online is available to applicants of 18 years or older. In some States, the legal age could be 16 years old and above.

BlueGrace Logistics Store Hours

BlueGrace Logistics is open regularly during weekdays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. For more information or inquiries, simply click the “contacts” menu in the main website.

Important Tips To Apply Online with BlueGrace Logistics

  • Submitting the BlueGrace Logistics application form is relatively easy and does not require sophisticated computer literacy. By clicking the “careers” menu located at the bottom page, one will be directed to another page. Look for the “apply now” button placed at the right. Fill up the necessary information proved by the BlueGrace Logistics online application system.
  • If you target having a franchise with BlueGrace Logistics, it is important that you read up the FAQs section in their website. It lists important tidbits of information you won’t find elsewhere such as issues on territory restrictions and profiteering among many others.

Most Common Positions at BlueGrace Logistics & Income Information

The BlueGrace Logistics job application covers the entry positions mentioned earlier. The most popular in terms of variety and prestige is the Account Executive since this position is widely offered in three cities – Tampa, Orlando and Chicago. Not surprisingly, these cities are where the strongest markets of the company are located. The main function of Account Executives is to do searches and make cold calls on high volume freight haulers and could earn a standard salary of US $23,000 to US $25,000 based on the performance or experience of the professional staff.

BlueGrace Logistics Benefits

There are good reasons for submitting a BlueGrace Logistics application when one seeks to immediately experience a high standard of living. Like many prestigious companies, BlueGrace covers vacation and health care insurances of their employees. Compensation in BlueGrace Logistics is relatively competitive. This company has a comprehensive standard benefit, including all-purpose or retirement funds. Agents get to have access to web-based Transportation Management Software and an experienced, back office support team working for them.

BlueGrace Logistics Career Center.



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