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SeekingSitters Franchise System Job Application Online

The SeekingSitters Franchise System was founded in 2004 to provide its members with a trustworthy source of babysitters, nannies, pet sitters, and house sitters. The SeekingSitters Franchise System accomplishes this by conducting in depth background screenings using their own network of licensed private investigators on all sitters who apply to work using the network. By utilizing the SeekingSitters Franchise System online application, you are committing yourself to providing safe and reliable sitter services to parents, pet owners, and homeowners across the country. It does not matter if you want to be a sitter or join the administrative team; the SeekingSitters Franchise System online application for employment is your ticket to employment.

SeekingSitters Franchise System Jobs Available

The majority of the positions that are available using the SeekingSitters Franchise System application system are for sitters of every type. Most of the sitting jobs are for babysitters and nannies, but there are also clients who are seeking pet sitters and house sitters. There are also occasional openings for limited jobs on the administrative staff of the SeekingSitters Franchise System. These jobs include positions such as private investigators, sitter interviewers, accounting staff, receptionists, and records clerks.

Minimum Employment Age At SeekingSitters Franchise System

The minimum age to work as a sitter varies from state to state, but most states allow teenagers between the ages of fourteen and sixteen to begin providing childcare. Please check with your local and state authorities to determine if you of legal age to work as a sitter before completing your SeekingSitters Franchise System job application. Administrative positions require applicants to be at least 18 years of age and many of the positions require specialized training, education, and credentials.

SeekingSitters Franchise System Store Hours

Sitting can be required at all times, so there are no set hours. Hours can fluctuate and may include working evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays. Some states have limitations to how many hours sitters can work in a given time frame, typically daily or weekly. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are not violating any labor laws while sitting. You will be able to provide the hours and dates that you are available for work when you submit your SeekingSitters Franchise System online application.

Important Tips To Apply Online With SeekingSitters Franchise System

The SeekingSitters Franchise System conducts an in depth background investigation on all potential employees to ensure that sitters, clients, and their families are safe. Safety is the number one goal of the SeekingSitters Franchise System. This is accomplished using an internal network of private investigators that dig deep into each candidate’s background after they complete the SeekingSitters Franchise System application form online. The background investigation includes reviews of local and national sex offender checks, criminal records searches, and fraud checks. Private investigators employed by the SeekingSitters Franchise System also verify previous childcare work histories of applicants; personally check at least three personal and business references; and verify an applicant’s identity using a variety of methods to include fingerprints. Lastly, the investigators conduct a face-to-face interview with every applicant and run them through a custom personal character evaluation that is unique to the SeekingSitters Franchise System. Sitters may also be required to be certified in CPR and first aid, as well as have their own forms of reliable transportation.

Most Common Positions At SeekingSitters Franchise System & Income Information

The most common positions available on the SeekingSitters Franchise System online application are for sitters, particularly babysitters and nannies. Salaries for the different types of sitters change greatly due to location and services required, but some babysitters and nannies can make in excess of 20 dollars per hour.

SeekingSitters Franchise System Benefits

The primary benefit of the SeekingSitters Franchise System is the safety and peace of mind that it provides to its members. Because most of the sitters are actually employed by outside entities, the additional benefits that they are offered will be different from provider to provider. The SeekingSitters Franchise System job application form is an excellent way for any babysitter to get their foot in the door and into a career that they love.

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