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Extra Space Storage Application – Apply Online At Extra Space Storage Today

Extra Space Storage Job Application Online

Chances are, you know at least one or two people in your family that rent a storage shed filled with things they rarely use, but don’t want to part with.  While these people may say they are going to clean the shed out in just a few weeks or months, they may go on renting that storage space for years on end.  This in turn, means that filling out an Extra Space Storage application can lead to a job with more security than you might find in other industries.

Extra Space Storage Jobs Available

If you are planning to get a good job, you may want to consider the following positions while you fill out the  Extra Space Storage job application: storage advisor, sales associate, district or facility manager, technical assistant, bilingual customer associate, property manager, loss management advisor, and call center specialist.

Minimum Employment Age At Extra Space Storage:

Even though you may feel very unhappy about potential job prospects, you must be at least 18 years old before you will be considered eligible to fill out the Extra Space Storage online application.

Extra Space Storage Store Hours

Most people that work for Extra Space Storage have hours that coincide with facility hours.  That said, if you work at the district level, your hours may vary from the usual Monday through Saturday 9:00 – 9:30 am to 5:30 or 6:00 pm.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Extra Space Storage

Anyone that has ever rented a storage shed will most likely realize that there are many seemingly simple tasks that can result in all kinds of mistakes. For example, a clerk may apply a payment to the wrong account, or assign the wrong shed number. If your  Extra Space Storage application form is filled with spelling mistakes or other common errors, the screener will not waste time calling you for an interview.  In a similar way, when filing out the  Extra Space Storage job application form, you should always look for ways to demonstrate that you can communicate clearly and effectively.

Most Common Positions At Extra Space Storage & Income Information

Today, the vast majority of people do not even consider using the  Extra Space Storage online application for employment in order to be considered for franchise level jobs.  Unfortunately, focusing on facility level jobs can easily cause you to lose out on jobs that pay better as well offer less competition.  At the very least, when you are filling out the  Extra Space Storage job application online you can see if there are any openings at the district and franchise level.

Extra Space Storage Benefits

If you are looking for access to an excellent package of employee benefits, you are bound to be pleased by being able to sign up for eyecare, dental, and health insurance. Individuals that work for Extra Space Storage are also eligible for 401k plans, cafeteria discounts, and disability insurance.

To visit Extra Space Storage’s website click here.

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