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CenturyLink Job Application Online

CenturyLink is a telecommunications company that provides Verizon wireless telephone service, high speed Internet, DirectTV, and home phone service. They sell to residential customers and also to both small and large businesses, the government and wholesalers, providing equipment and communications services to meet their needs. They’re the third largest communications company in the United States. If you’re interested in a career in the telecommunications industry, then you may find a CenturyLink job application form that suits your interest and abilities.

CenturyLink Jobs Available

CenturyLink hires for their corporate offices, and for their call centers. Corporate jobs are geared towards professionals with degrees and work experience, although you may be able to find some entry level work in facilities or administration. Their call center positions are for  sales or customer service representatives, and they are entry level. You’ll be required to pass some basic tests to ensure that you have the skills to do the work, and then will be put through their training process, learning about their products and services. Working at a call center involves spending your day at a computer and on the telephone, talking with both existing and potential customers. It requires patience, tact and a helpful attitude.

Minimum Employment Age At CenturyLink:

You must at least 18 to fill out a CenturyLink online application.

CenturyLink Store Hours

CenturyLink call centers operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Important Tips To Apply Online With CenturyLink

The first step to submitting a CenturyLink online application for employment is to create a profile at the CenturyLink website listed below. This involves inputting your resume information. After this, you may search through their available job positions, and submit a CenturyLink application form for any that meet your qualifications. You may apply for as many jobs as you want; however, if you apply for jobs you aren’t qualified to do, that will be counted against you by their recruiters. Your CenturyLink application will be reviewed by recruiters who will contact you if they feel you might suit the position. You could hear from them soon, or sometime in the future, as your CenturyLink job application will remain active.

Your CenturyLink job application online should reflect every detail of your experience, skills or education that might make you a good fit for the job position. If given the opportunity, attach a cover letter where you express how very interested you are, including how much you admire CenturyLink as a company.

Most Common Positions At CenturyLink & Income Information

The most common positions at CenturyLink are professional positions; however, they have many entry level openings in their call centers. There you may work your way up to supervisor or manager if you find that you like it and are good at it. CenturyLink provides competitive pay appropriate for each job position.

CenturyLink Benefits

By working for CenturyLink you’ll be joining a Fortune 500 company. Among other things, this means unlimited job growth potential within the company, and the resources for great benefits. Some benefits could include health, dental and vision insurance; 401k employer-matched retirement accounts; life and disability insurance; employee discounts; paid vacations, holidays and sick leave; paid training and more.

To visit CenturyLink’s website click here.

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