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Cingular Wireless Job Application Online

Cingular Wireless was established in the year 2000 and was later purchased by AT&T in 2004. The company offers telecommunication services to the people and is considered one of the largest providers of cellular services in the US based on the number of consumers. Among the various services that the company extends to its clients, the most popular ones are cell phone plans, internet lines and cable programming. The company has a long tradition of providing excellent telecommunication services to the company and is proud to be one of the oldest providers of these services in the country.  If you are interested in a career in telecommunication then it is high time that you fill out the Cingular Wireless online application for employment and become a part of this prestigious company.

Cingular Wireless Jobs Available

Cingular Wireless is always in need of professionals for important job positions like retail sales consultant, finance and customer service representative and technicians. Store Managers and assistant store managers are also employed by the company to ensure proper handling and management of its workforce. Candidates interested in applying for any of these posts are encouraged to complete and submit the Cingular Wireless application form place on the company’s website.

Minimum Employment Age at Cingular Wireless

Only those applicants who are at least 18 years of age can access the Cingular Wireless job application online and apply for a job in the company.

Cingular Wireless Store Hours

The customer services of the company are open all throughout the week. Clients can call in or visit the locations near their home at any time of day or night.

Important Tips to Apply Online with Cingular Wireless

  • Obtain information about the vacancies that have been made available by Cingular Wireless by clicking the “Careers” tab that lines the top portion of the website. This section also houses the Cingular Wireless online application as well.
  • It would be best to enclose a CV with the Cingular Wireless job application form. This will enhance your chances of impressing the hiring manager and consequently getting an interview call.
  • Depending on the position you are applying for, you might be asked to take an assessment test. So, prepare for it making use of the test guides and sample test papers that are available at the company’s website.

Most Common Positions at Cingular Wireless & Income Information

Cingular Wireless has to keep adding to its technical and managerial staff from time to time. The company’s need to expand and provide its services to a larger consumer base prompts it to hire new employees all throughout the year specially for positions like sales executives and technicians of all kinds.The company has very substantial pay scales that it offers to all of its workers no matter where in the company’s corporate structure they work. Moreover, the training that is offered to the employees gives them the opportunity to progress further and get promoted quickly. This is why the Cingular Wireless job application should be considered the first step of the ladder that will take you to newer heights in a matter of a few years.

Cingular Wireless Benefits

Cingular Wireless values its customers quite highly. This is the reason why it provides them numerous opportunities for their career growth in the form of training and career advancement programs and workshops. In addition to on-job training various additional benefits are also granted by the company to its employees. By becoming a part of the company through your Cingular Wireless application, you can expect to enjoy perks like, 401(k) retirement plans, medical and dental coverage and paid leaves.

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