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Knology Job Application Online

Located in the American South, Knology is a telecommunications company offering digital broadband telephone, cable and Internet services. They offer these to both individuals and businesses, and also offer advanced communication services to schools and libraries. If you’re interested in a career within the telecommunications industry, then a job atKnology, an independent, entrepreneurial business, could be the perfect way to start. Their headquarters are in West Point, Georgia, but they also operate in South Carolina, Florida, Alabama and Kansas, South Dakota and Minnesota. If you live in any of these states, then consider a Knology job application online today.

Knology Jobs Available

Knology hires a wide variety of people for many different types of jobs. Like all businesses, they need people in accounting, administration, IT, and human resources; a majority of these positions may require professional degrees. They have a call center and sales department, and they hire field technicians who install and repair their equipment in people’s homes and businesses. They provide training for field technician positions, but you must be able to pass the training and become certified in order to work. To find out the job listings near you, search their website. Fill out a Knology job application form for as many positions as you qualify for.

Minimum Employment Age At Knology:

You must be at least 18 to submit a Knology online application for employment.

Knology Store Hours

Customer service representatives from Knology are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Knology

To submit a Knology online application, first spend some time browsing through their available jobs. If you have a professional degree, then go for the department that will best fit your education. If you are looking for entry level work that doesn’t require a particular degree or experience, then check in administration, sales, the call center and field technicians. Always look at the location to make sure that it’s near to where you live.

If you have any job experience at all then it’s a good idea to include with your Knology application form a resume or at least a cover letter explaining what responsibilities you had in the past, how you performed and what you can bring to this job. Express interest in the company and enthusiasm for the position. If you are recently graduated from either high school or college, your grades are also relevant.

Most Common Positions At Knology & Income Information

Most positions available at Knology are for professionals with either work experience or college degrees. Pay will vary according to job.  There is plenty of entry-level work for those who want it, though. You can find a Knology job application that suits you, if you will just put in a little time searching their listings.

Knology Benefits

There are many benefits of working with Knology. They offer competitive benefit packages such as access to insurance, 401k retirement accounts, paid time off, employee discounts on their services, an employee assistance program, tuition reimbursement, and a whole host of professional development programs. Whatever kind of job your Knology application is for, you can take your career wherever you want it to go, if you work hard and show dedication and initiative.

To visit Knology’s website click here.

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