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SureWest Job Application Online

Formerly the Roseville Telephone Company founded in 1914 by William Doyle, SureWest became the name of the company in 2003.  Corporate Headquarters are located in Roseville, CA and the company provides first rate cable and digital TV, telecommunication and high speed Internet services to several regions of California Kansas and Missouri.  They also provide business and residential communication services as well as data storage for business.  The customer support from SureWest is the best in class and they take great pride in providing for their customers a bundled service plan at a discount rate that doesn’t skimp on quality.  In addition SureWest, along with its employees, formed a non-profit organization in 1992 that gives back to the community with charitable contributions to the people in the areas SureWest services.  The SureWest Foundation provides services for the elderly and children in need, helps provide disaster relief and supports the arts and culture of the community.  They have much to be proud of in a company that continues to grow and change with the times.   As the company service area expands so does the Foundation’s service area, making this company a strong community leader.  If you are interested in employment with a company in the telecommunications and cable industry and you meet the qualifications for any open position, please complete and submit a SureWest online application for employment.

SureWest Jobs Available

You may submit a SureWest application form for any of the following positions:    Customer Service Agent, Outside Plant Engineer, Service Engineer, Assistant Manager, and Manager.

Minimum Employment Age At SureWest:

The SureWest  job application online is available to applicants 18 years of age or older.

SureWest Store Hours

SureWest  hours of operation are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Important Tips To Apply Online With SureWest

  • The link provided takes you directly to the SureWest online application, and when you first land on the page if you do not have your cookies enabled it will require you to enable ​them to proceed with the job search and application process.  Once you are in, you will be prompted to create a user name and password in order to proceed with the search.  When you apply using the online application, be sure and complete all requested information as completely as possible and ensure that your spelling and grammar are correct.  Taking the time to make sure everything is correct and complete will facilitate the hiring and placement process.
  • A resume is not required to complete the SureWest job application form,  however,  for managerial positions it is recommended. You may submit your resume with your online application..  If you do not have a resume consider utilizing whatever resources necessary to be sure you have this invaluable tool.

Most Common Positions At SureWest & Income Information

The SureWest job application is the key to many positions telecommunications and the cable industry and  the most common current position is as a laborer and customer service positions both part and full time.  Salary is industry competitive and based on experience.

SureWest Benefits

Benefits from SureWest are competitive with industry standards such as medical, dental and vision coverage as well as disability insurance, flexible pay and 401 pension plans are available to most employees.  On the job training and further advancement in the company and through continued education are possible by taking the step to complete the SureWest application.

To visit SureWest’s website click here.

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