Language Leaders Application

Language Leaders Application – Apply Online At Language Leaders Today

Language Leaders Job Application Online

If you are a motivated, ambitious and intelligent individual looking for a job in the education industry, then the Language Leaders job application online could allow you to achieve your employment goals and find the job of your dreams!

Language Leaders is a franchise of language learning centers, with locations across the United States, that aim to teach children and adults how to speak new languages. Their offer educational programs to all English speakers across the country, and make use of songs, puppet shows, games and acting to teach children languages in a fun and exciting way. Adults also have access to language courses including translation services and interpreting courses.

Language Leaders now allows job applicants to apply online by completing the Language Leaders online application for employment, available at the Language Leaders job application website.

Language Leaders Jobs Available

There are a range of jobs that can be applied for using the Language Leaders online application. Job positions available include:

Lead Teacher, Chef, Assistant Teacher, Receptionist, Assistant Director, Director, Puppet Show Coordinator, Actor, Actress, Song Writer, Translator, Interpreter, Language Teacher, Community Development Manager, Recruiter, Marketing Consultation, Network and Server Support, Customer Agent.

If any of these job positions could be your next dream job, then don’t hesitate to apply online right now by completing the Language Leaders job application form.

Minimum Employment Age At Language Leaders:

You have to be at least 18 years old to work at Language Leaders.

Language Leaders Store Hours

Mon – Fri: 6.30am – 6.30pm

Sat and Sun: Closed

Important Tips To Apply Online With Language Leaders

The Language Leaders application form is now available online to make it easier than ever for job seekers to apply for a job at this vibrant, community orientated company.

To get started on the Language Leaders application journey, first access their website by clicking on the link provided. Once you have done so, you will have access to the contact information for the Language Leaders head office in Geneva, Illinois. You can then phone the company or complete the contact form on the website and they will phone you back to let you know what job positions are currently available, and how to further complete the job application process.

Most Common Positions At Language Leaders & Income Information

Following are the most common positions at Language Leaders, along with their average yearly salaries:

Interpreter: $31, 000 / year

Community Development Manager: $54, 000 / year

Recruiter: $32, 000 / year

Marketing Consultant: $38, 000 / year

Network and Server Support: $34, 000 / year

Customer Agent: $31, 000 / year

Language Leaders Benefits

Employees at Language Leaders have access to a comprehensive benefits package if they meet eligibility requirements. Benefits offered include:

Competitive salaries, flexible working hours, healthcare insurance including dental and vision plans, a 401k retirement savings plan, paid time off and employee discounts on various goods and services.

You cannot have access to any of these benefits, however, if you don’t apply – so access the Language Leaders employment website today and inquire about a job!

To visit Language Leaders’s website click here.

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