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Tutoring Club Application – Apply Online At Tutoring Club Today

Tutoring Club was established back in 1991 and now has over 100 locations, which you can easily apply to with a Tutoring Club online application for employment. The company is based out of Nevada, but a single application can put you in touch with any number of managers who can hire you to help students across the country prepare for standardized tests, perform better in school, and effectively change someone’s life.

Tutoring Club Jobs Available

A single Tutoring Club application will allow you to be hired for a variety of positions, but primarily Tutoring Club hires administrative assistants, customer service representatives, tutors, and managers.

Minimum Employment Age At Tutoring Club

Filling out a Tutoring Club job application online requires that you be at least 18 years old. This is an industry standard. Any Tutoring Club job application form that is submitted by someone under this age will immediately be turned down.

Tutoring Club Store Hours

Hours of operation can vary depending on the location, but listing your available times on your Tutoring Club job application can help the company understand when you can be scheduled.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Tutoring Club

Filling out a Tutoring Club job application online will instantly put you in their records when they search for new employees. Even better, though, is to fill out a paper application and hand it directly to the person in charge of hiring. When they have a face to attach to an application, the chances of getting the job is exponentially increased.

If you are unable to turn one in yourself, make sure that your online application sparkles. Fill out every single piece of information and make sure that it is all correct. Read over their expectations for the job you are applying for and make sure that your answers reflect those qualities. Doing this alone will drastically increase your chances.

Most Common Positions At Tutoring Club & Income Information

The most common positions available to you after filling out a Tutoring Club job application form are tutors and customer service representatives.

Tutors will be required to work either full-time or part-time and will help coach students in study skills and help with assignments.

Customer service representatives are the public face of Tutoring Club whenever a new client comes in. Answering phones and answering any questions about services in a professional manner is important.

You will have the opportunity to request a certain pay level when you fill out the Tutoring Club application online, but the average pay is around $14.00 per hour for tutors. There is no recorded pay for customer service employees, but you can expect it to be equal to similar jobs based off of the pay rate for their tutors.

Tutoring Club Benefits

Eligible employees at Tutoring Club will be able to take advantage of a variety of benefits. 401(k) plans, paid vacation time, as well as healthcare and life insurance options are available. Once you fill out your Tutoring Club application form you can find out more specifics. These can all vary depending on the location, however the company seems to encourage a universal benefits package.

To visit the official site of Tutoring Club click here.

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