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Atlantic City Electric Application – Apply Online At Atlantic City Electric Today

Atlantic City Electric Job Application Online

Atlantic City Electric is part of Pepco Holdings Inc., which is one of the largest utility providers in the mid-Atlantic region. Atlantic City Electric provides electricity to more than half a million customers in the the greater Atlantic City area. Other Pepco. Holdings Inc. companies include Pepco and Delmarva Power. Residents of Atlantic City and its outlying areas may consider an Atlantic City Electric online application for employment as a possible path to a satisfying career in a challenging and growing industry.

Atlantic City Electric Jobs Available

Atlantic City Electric job openings are changing all the time. They employ a large number of business professionals such as analysts, supervisors, accountants and communications reps. They also employ many engineers who design their systems. Technical positions include, at the entry level, meter readers. Meter readers must be able to walk from house to house and accurately record consumption levels as shown on the electric meters. Other entry level positions may be in sales, administrative support or customer service. If you’re a student studying business, they offer internships. You can submit your Atlantic City Electric application form for internships through the same website.

Minimum Employment Age At Atlantic City Electric:

You may fill out an Atlantic City Electric job application if you are 18 or older.

Atlantic City Electric Store Hours

Like all utility companies, Atlantic City Electric must be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Atlantic City Electric

You search for Atlantic City Electric job applications online at the PHI (Pepco Holdings Inc.) main careers website. There you can view lists of job openings and submit your Atlantic City Electric application for them.

You’ll increase your chances of being accepted if you have some prior work experience, or if you take some training that’s specific to the electric service industry. You may need a valid driver’s license, and the ability to pass a physical. In addition, expect drug and background testing.

If you are called for an interview after your Atlantic City Electric online application, you always want to dress one step up from the usual dress code for that job. In the same way, you should make your language reflect the more formal setting. Don’t use slang, and don’t be overly familiar with your interviewers. Address them as “Mr.” and “Ms.” unless they introduce themselves differently.  Make the best impression possible, because that will ultimately matter more than the information on your Atlantic City Electric job application form in who gets the job.

Most Common Positions At Atlantic City Electric & Income Information

At Atlantic City Electric there will always be a variety of jobs available. Entry level positions go quickly, so keep your eye on the job lists. They pay an competitive salary appropriate to each job description, and you’ll have chances for further training and advancement.

Atlantic City Electric Benefits

Atlantic City Electric offers insurance coverage: comprehensive medical, dental, vision, life, supplemental life, long term disability, business travel. They offer retirement options: an employer-matched 401(k) and Defined Benefit Pension Plan. They also offer paid sick leave and vacation, a transportation spending account, education assistance, and a healthcare and dependent care spending accounts. Both full time and part time employees may have access to all or some of these.

To visit Atlantic City Electric’s website click here.

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