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Atmos Energy Application – Apply Online At Atmos Energy Today

Atmos Energy Job Application Online

Atmos Energy is one of the largest distributors of natural gas in the country. They own distribution and pipeline systems in 12 states and delivery gas to 3.2 million customers, residential, industrial, commercial, agricultural and public authority. They conduct both regulated and non-regulated operations and are involved in everything from building natural gas catching systems to selling natural gas supplies to customers in 22 states. They are known as the most efficient company in the industry, allowing them to operate and sell at lower costs than anyone else.

Atmos Energy Jobs Available

Atmos Energy employs people for a wide variety of positions—everything from paralegal to engineer to construction operator. Two common entry level jobs are service technician and meter reader. A service technician is responsible for servicing and repairing residential gas meters and piping, while a meter reader walks from house to house recording gas consumption. To submit a Atmos Energy job application for these you must be physically active, have a high school diploma, an active driver’s license and basic computer skills. You must also be able to complete a series of training classes and certifications within six months of being hired. Previous experience is preferred for both, but not required.

Minimum Employment Age At Atmos Energy:

If you are 18 or older you may fill out an Atmos Energy job application form.

Atmos Energy Store Hours

Atmos Energy is available every day, all day and night.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Atmos Energy

Atmos Energy has online job listings and Atmos Energy application forms for your convenience. You may view all jobs, or enter criteria to narrow the list down. Click on the job title to see a job description and access the Atmos Energy online application system. Remember that the jobs listed might be located across several states, so check the location before you decide to submit an Atmos Energy application. If you don’t find anything now, create your own profile and check back regularly for new openings.

The hiring process following an Atmos Energy job application online may include several steps such as one or more interviews, a skills test, a physical test, a background check and a drug test. You will be informed of the process when you are contacted. Skills tests for technical positions (such as service technician or meter reader) are designed to establish that you have the necessary mathematical and reasoning skills to be successful in their training program, and physical tests are there to make sure that you can do the work without injuring yourself. Not all jobs will require these.

Most Common Positions At Atmos Energy & Income Information

The positions which are open with Atmos Energy may change at any time. The only way to know what’s available is to search the website listed below. Most jobs require some level of previous training, education or experience, but entry level work is available on a consistent basis too. Pay will vary according to job.

Atmos Energy Benefits

Atmos Energy offers a long list of both voluntary and company paid benefits such as insurance, retirement savings, paid time off and more. An Atmos Energy online application for employment  is a good choice for your personal and financial security.

To visit Atmos Energy’s website click here.

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