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Delmarva Power Application – Apply Online At Delmarva Power Today

Delmarva Power Job Application Online

Delmarva Power is a regional utility company owned by Pepco Holdings, Inc. They service Delaware and the Delmarva Peninsula, delivering electricity and gas to more than half a million customers. They participate in the development of renewable and clean energy sources, and in the development of new technology to make energy delivery more efficient. Currently they’re participating in Pepco’s smart grid plan by introducing “smart meters” which allow their customers to track and regulate their energy use more efficiently.

Delmarva Power Jobs Available

Delmarva Power job applications may be found through the Pepco Inc. website. Pepco Inc. hires business and technical professionals and entry level workers for many sorts of jobs. You may find entry level work in areas such as customer service, sales, or meter reading. Applicants with experience working with electricity will have an advantage over those who don’t.

Minimum Employment Age At Delmarva Power:

You may fill out a Delmarva Power job application form if you are 18 or older.

Delmarva Power Store Hours

Delmarva Power, like all utilities, must stay up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Delmarva Power

There are a few things you should remember as you look for a Delmarva Power online application. The first is that the Pepco Holdings, Inc. career site (below) lists jobs for other companies besides Delmarva Power. If you only want to fill out a Delmarva Power application form then you need to look closely. The location for the job may prove one clue, as Delmarva Power operates in Delaware.

You should also be aware that many Delmarva Power applications will require you to take a pre-employment test. This is standard in companies that rely heavily on skilled technicians, mechanics and laborers. If a test is required it should be stated in the job information. Always read the information carefully, as it tells you if you are qualified for the job, and gives you a good idea of what sort of work it involves. You don’t want to apply for something that you’ll hate doing.

If you do not have a resume to attach to your Delmarva Power online application for employment, you may use their resume builder. It is a good idea to keep one online at their site since it will allow you to submit other Delmarva Power job applications online with a minimum of fuss. Have a good, up-to-date resume will always increase your chances of having your application chosen.

Most Common Positions At Delmarva Power & Income Information

The most common positions at Pepco Holdings are considered managerial positions. You should have previous experience in that field or in management. Pepco and Delmarva pay a strong, competitive salary or wage as appropriate, whether for managers, engineers, technicians or entry level administrative assistants.

Delmarva Power Benefits

Delmarva Power pays its employees the same benefits which all employees of Pepco Holdings Inc. receive. This includes not only a 401k retirement plan, but a Defined Benefit Pension Plan as well. Types of insurance include comprehensive medical, vision, dental, life, disability and business travel. Other perks are educational assistance, paid time off, and dependent care and health care spending accounts. With so much reason, you should submit a Delmarva Power job application immediately.

To visit Delmarva Power’s website click here.

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