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Direct Energy Job Application Online

With 13 million customers, Direct Energy is the largest energy retailer in North America. They find the energy, produce it, transport and deliver to your home or your business. They provide electricity, natural gas, and a range of energy products and services. Some Direct Energy subsidiaries include First Choice Power, WTU Retail Energy, and Gateway Energy Services. They also own and operate a number of home service companies such as Mister Sparky, One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning and Benjamin Franklin, the Punctual Plumber. Direct Energy in turn is a subsidiary of Centrica plc.

Direct Energy Jobs Available

With so many companies and so many functions, Direct Energy hires an enormous number of people to do a huge variety of jobs. Professional business positions, skilled labor and entry level workers are all needed on a regular basis. Entry level positions may include receptionist, customer service representative or meter reader. You will need to narrow the search by field and location to identify the Direct Energy job application form that best meets your needs.

Minimum Employment Age At Direct Energy:

The minimum age to fill out a Direct Energy online application is 18.

Direct Energy Store Hours

Direct Energy operates at all hours of the day or night, although many divisions keep regular business hours.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Direct Energy

If you want to find a Direct Energy online application for employment, you’re going to need to know what you’re looking for, because there are so many jobs listed. Know what you’re qualified to do. Most positions are for trained professionals, so you will need to look carefully if you want entry level work. It’s not a good idea to submit Direct Energy job applications for jobs you’re not qualified for, since that may be noticed and convince whoever’s in charge that you’re not really looking for a job. You will need to put in the time to read through job descriptions and lists of qualifications to determine which Direct Energy applications suit you.

To increase the chances of your Direct Energy application form being selected for an interview, include a resume and a cover letter. Your resume should reflect any job experience or education you have which is relevant for this job, and be current. Prospective employers are primarily interested in the last few years of your work experience. A cover letter should explain exactly why you’re perfect for the job, and should express how eager you are to work for them. Since you can only turn in a Direct Energy job application online and not in person, your cover letter is your chance to make yourself stand out from all the candidates.

Most Common Positions At Direct Energy & Income Information

Although there is a huge variety of positions available at Direct Energy, most of them call for specific education or experience. Entry level work is also available in certain departments. Direct Energy offers a generous base salary with merit raises and other financial rewards for strong performance.

Direct Energy Benefits

Eligible employees of Direct Energy receive benefits such as health, dental and vision insurance; flexible healthcare and day care spending accounts. They also provide life and disability insurance, retirement options and paid time off.

To visit Direct Energy’s website click here.

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