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Duke Energy Job Application Online

Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, Duke Energy provides residential and business customers with electric power in the Midwest and the Carolinas, and natural gas in Ohio and Kentucky. Besides transmitting and delivering energy, they own many energy generation facilities in both North and Latin America, including a variety of renewable energy sources. Duke Energy is more than 100 years old and with more than 4 million electric customers and half a million natural gas customers, they’re one of the largest providers in the country. They employ more than 18,000 people.

Duke Energy Jobs Available

The three main areas where Duke Energy hires are professional, skilled craft and customer service. Professional represents business professionals, usually with degrees, who make the business run. Skilled craft represents mechanics, technicians, linemen and plant operators who build, run and maintain the machinery which generates and delivers the electricity or gas. Such workers usually have special training or years of experience. The primary area where entry level  Duke Energy job applications exist is in customer service. They need people to assist customers with billing problems, to answer their questions, and to help them chose the services right for them.

Minimum Employment Age At Duke Energy:

You may fill out a Duke Energy job application form if you are 18 or older.

Duke Energy Store Hours

Duke Energy operates at all hours of the day and night, every day of the year.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Duke Energy

The Duke Energy job search tools allows you to search for Duke Energy online applications  which meet your criteria. Each Duke Energy application job description will contain details about the job duties, any required experience or education, and whether or not testing is required. Many positions call for pre-employment tests to ensure that you have the skills needed to succeed in that position. You may prepare for a pre-employment tests using the resources which are listed on the site; click the “employment tests” link on the left side of the page.

The information that should go on your Duke Energy application form is anything that is relevant to the job, dates within the last five to ten years, and is, of course, true. You must be able to document any claims that you make on your Duke Energy online application for employment.

Most Common Positions At Duke Energy & Income Information

Most positions available at Duke Energy are professional or technical positions, and you will need to have specialized education, training and work experience to qualify to submit a Duke Energy job application online for them. Of the entry level jobs available, the majority are in telephone customer service, but with opportunities to advance to supervisory and managerial positions as you gain experience and prove yourself. Duke Energy makes sure that their pay is competitive to other similar companies.

Duke Energy Benefits

Eligible Duke Energy employees may receive benefits such as medical and dental plans; life, accident and disability insurance; time off; spending accounts; adoption assistance; 401(k) retirement plans; employee discounts; and a wellness program. Not all positions come with all benefits; your benefits package will be explained as a part of your total compensation if you receive a job offer.

To visit Duke Energy’s website click here.

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